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Star Trek Deep Space Nine “Top Ten Episodes”

Ok, so I put top ten episodes in quotes above because I am not going to do a top ten for DS9. The best thing going on in the series in the dominion war. Since you have to watch the episodes in order to know what’s going on, I’m just going to say that you should do that. It is worth saying that although I love DS9, there are some truly awful episodes realted mostly to things that don’t have to do with the war, and they are mostly in season 1. Here is the list that I used for the Dominion War, the first time you watch them you should watch the optional episodes for some important background information. The second time around you can skip them.¬†http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?t=124492


Making A Star Ship (aka USS Enterprise) Out of a Wagon

So I’m making an Enterprise, from the series #StarTrek TOS, out of a wagon for the most serious and dire of reasons. Fun!!! Anyway, here are some photos and the directions so far. I’ll update this as I finish it. My directions are a use at your own risk thing. I am not a professional woodworker.

Steps so far:

1. Find a bucket with a big lid (about 5 gallon bucket should do)

2. Remove the lid and trace a circle on 1/8 inch or smaller project board. I used Douglas Fir board, but just make sure it’s thin so you can cut it with a scroll saw later.

3. Cut 3 1×2’s into 19″ strips and then cut two 45 degree angles on each one.

4. Cut two portions of a two by 4 to the length of the inside of your wagon. This allows for a pressure fit system that lets you reuse the wagon later.

5. Cut a small piece of 2×4 at a 45 degree angle and mount one of the 1×2 strips onto it along with the saucer at the back of the saucer. Place one of the 2×4’s behind it to hold it in place.

6. Mount the other 19″ pieces to the other 2×4 in the back of the wagon. (Your Nacell Pylons)

Bucket For Saucer Template Top of Bucket for Saucer Template Saucer Tracing from Bucket Top Circle Cut with Scroll Saw About One-Third Done

Star Trek The Next Generation Top 10 Episodes

Ah, TNG, the series that gave me childhood heroes like Data, and amazing actors like Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard also had its share of flops. Still, I’d say that I only have 2 TOS episodes that I think were truly bad on my list, for TNG it’s probably only about 15% of all of their episodes. For DS9 it’s probably about 30% and for Voyager it’s probably about 45%. Enterprise was so fucking awful that I don’t really consider it to be part of the Trek universe. Yes I know it is, and there’s nothing I can technically do about that, but I can try to pretend that it never existed if I close my eyes and really try. Hell, even the New Voyages stuff is way better than Enterprise, and it’s produced in an old car dealership by hard core fans. Enterprise, what the hell? Anyway, before this turns into an anti-Enterprise rant. Here is my list of Top 10 TNG Episodes. Also, Q episodes are totally useless. Enemies that have no weaknesses and total power are totally uninteresting. Yes, I know my list is ascending. I believe that TNG got better as it went on.

10. Season 1 Episode 17 — Home Soil — Silicon based life. The idea of life based on something other than carbon is fascinating to me, as it should be to everyone :).

9. Season 1 Episode 24 — Conspiracy — This episode is great because it shows that sometimes governmental systems become corrupt and it takes strong individuals to question them and make a change. It also does this in an awesome, totally old school Trek way.

8. Season 2 Episode 9 — Measure of a Man — This episode deals with sentience and when a machine should start to get the same rights as an individual.

7. Season 2 Episode 12 — The Royale — I love this episode because it involves old space travelers, and highlights the dangers of space travel.

6. Season 3 Episode 10 — The Defector — A great episode that gives us a better look at Romulans in general. We get a sense that they are not all unreasonable, just like some of the books do for us with the Klingons. Not all Klingons are warriors, for example. Not all Romulans are ultra paranoid deceitful mislead patriots.

5. Season 3 Episode 12 — The High Ground — A resistance group with the best of intentions, but brutal methods, abducts the Doctor to try and help them use a dangerous but effective transporter device without killing themselves. It’s a great episode that deal with how governments often call freedom fighters terrorists, but in this case that title may be well deserved, or is it? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out.

4. Season 3 Episode 26 and Season 4 Episode 1 — The Best of Both Worlds (Parts 1 and 2) — This is the episode that leads to Locutus of Borg. Yeah, again, a spoiler but if you don’t know about TNG by now, shame on you.

3. Season 4 Episode 12 — The Wounded — We get to see the Cardassians for what they really are. This episode helps set the stage for DS9.

2. Season 5 Episode 23 — I, Borg — This episode deals with redemption and gives us a glimpse into the Borg. You know, before they made them lame in First Contact.

1. Season 6 Episodes 10 and 11 — Chain of Command (Parts 1 and 2) — This not only shows us how ruthless the Cardassians can be, but it is the best display of how strong the Captain’s character is and probably is the best performance if Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard.

Star Trek Voyager Top 10 Episodes

I have recently started re-watching Star Trek Voyager. I have a new appreciation for the series. Out of all of the post TOS Star Treks, it remind me the most of the spirit of The Original Series. Sure TOS had way more good episodes than Voyager, especially percentage wise, but I appreciate having an ST series that’s really based on exploration and meeting new alien races. Anyway, I started re-watching with a few lists that I found online of top 10 episodes, and all of them were good lists, but I tend to be biased towards prime directive episodes, Vulcan issue episodes, and I have a few other biases like mostly hating time paradox episodes and not giving a shit about romantic relationships in Star Trek. I also definitely hate all holodeck episodes from all of Star Trek. A few glimpses of the holodeck here and there are cool, but whole episodes on it are totally lame. So for what it’s worth here is my Voyager top 10. Oh yeah, before I forget, the Kazon are probably the lamest enemy in all of Star Trek. They’re basically shitty Klingons with bad Afros that we meet early on in Voyager… At least the series makes up for it later. You’ll notice that I have a lot of Season 2 picks. I believe that this was when Voyager really fulfilled its promise as a series, and as hot as Seven of Nine is, I think getting her onto the series required the producers, and writers, to jump a shark to get her there.

10. Season 4 Episodes 8 and 9 — Year of Hell (Parts 1 and 2) — Ok, in general I hate episodes that deal with time, but this one is an exception. Yeah, I spoiled it for some, but whatever, if you don’t know about this series by now then shame on you. Otherwise, this episode shows how tough both ship and crew are, and reminds us of the dangers of space travel.

9. Season 2 Episode 13 — Prototype — Another awesome episode that deals with what happens when you violate the Prime Directive, even when your intentions are good. Plus I love robots.

8. Season 2 Episode 15 — Threshold — I know that even I was able to pick out some of the problems in this episode with even my limited understanding of genetics, but the way that the episode unfolds is great, and the ending in fantastic. Overall this is probably the second most old school Trek like episode in all of the post TOS series.

7. Season 2 Episode 16 — Meld — I love that this episode doesn’t just deal with the problems with ancient Vulcans, and mind melds, but also examines the criminal mind and the concepts of crime and punishment.

6. Season 2 Episode 24 — Tuvix — Ok, I didn’t think this was going to be good when I read the synopsis either, but Tuvix ends up being an amazing character. This episode deals with the concept of the sanctity of life and the rights of an individual.

5. Season 2 Episode 26 and Season 3 Episode 1 — Basics (Parts 1 and 2) — This is the resolution of the super lame Kazon and Seska story. I put this in here because I loved seeing the crew deal with being stranded on a planet and having to learn to live primitively. There is an excellent cliffhanger that involves Tom Paris, and shows his real value to the crew as a pilot and dependable crew member, regardless of his past. ¬†Also, we get to see Voyager in the wrong hands, and we get some very cool atmospheric entry visuals of the ship.

4. Season 3 Episode 26 and Season 4 Episode 1 — Scorpion (Parts 1 and 2) — Captain Janeway has to make a deal with the devil (aka the Borg) to fight an even more dangerous enemy. I don’t think I need to say anything else about this one :).

3. Season 1 Episode 9 — Prime Factors — I love this episode because it puts the Federation on the other side of the Prime Directive and lets them feel what it’s like to be denied a technology that they desperately need because of a culture’s refusal to share it with them.

2. Season 5 Episode 25 and Season 6 Episode 1 — Equinox (Parts 1 and 2) — Who can say no to an episode where the Voyager crew meets another Star Fleet vessel that has dealt with the problem of being trapped in the Delta Quadrant in a very different way, including by using a fuel source that is a direct violation of the Prime Directive.

1. Season 2 Episode 23 — The Thaw — The Trekkiest of all of the Voyager episodes, this episode focuses on the concept of fear.