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PSE (Puget Sound Energy) Should Bury Their Power Cables

Here is an article explaining our recent power outage, http://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/local/article32745807.html,¬†you know the first of many this year. Many PSE customers enjoy lots of power outages in Bellingham and Whatcom County every year when there are high winds. PSE would have you believe that the cost of burying the cables is too high but as I write today (about 4 days after the outage) hundreds are still without power. It was thousands yesterday, and many more the day of. So how can having an outdated infrastructure be cost effective for Bellingham or Whatcom county. The truth is, it’s not. It’s 2015 and it’s time to update the infrastructure, but the representatives in charge of proposing such bills are in the pocket of PSE and/or don’t even know what you’re talking about when it comes to technology in general. This of course means that they were put on technology committees… PSE, like most corporations, isn’t going to do anything to improve the infrastructure since they don’t really care if you have power when compared to the expense of modernizing the grid. This is of course penny wise and pound foolish as power providers in New Haven through West Hartford, Connecticut learned a few years ago when their infrastructure finally failed and they were forced to upgrade it. Sure, we give PSE monopoly control of the area, and it’s not like they’re giving the power away for free, but “up yours valued customer” they say when it comes to improving the quality of power you receive. Remember, they’re a business, and that means its about stealing from you until someone forces them to do the right thing. Still, it’s not like anyone is going to hold them accountable.I have even contacted my government officials about this and they blew me off. It’s 2015, and providing power in a monopoly situation is a good deal for PSE. so if they don’t appreciate it then it’s time to get another power company in here. They’ve known they needed to do this for decades now. Anyway, time to demand better service, and buried cables. The expense to do this should fall on the power company, and should not be used as a justification to do nothing. They don’t give us the power for free after all and the amount of energy wasted by an inefficient grid is terrible for the environment in many ways. It’s also worth mentioning that many other companies follow the power companies’ lead when it comes to cabling. Comcast, for example, won’t bury their internet cabling until the power company buries theirs.

— Update, after many weeks of being ignored (the default in this situation) I finally received a call from Taylor at Rep. Larsen’s office on Monday. I was excited, but not too excited, because I knew how many ways they could pretend to address the issue and not actually do it. I decided to try my luck and return the call. They keep asking who it is, saying she is away from her desk, and sending me to voicemail. I’ve written and called several times. I totally expected this. This way they can pretend they tried to do something without having to commit to taking action. Last night we had another power outage. A friend of mine, who owns a poorly built computer (a CrApple iMac) is almost definitely looking at a hard drive failure. Yes there are battery backups, yes there are surge suppressors, etc. but why are we paying for such bad power in the first place and putting all of the responsibility on the consumer? The environmental impact is huge, when we are constantly throwing out electronics because the power is bad and the companies that have direct control over the situation won’t do anything and our government won’t hold them accountable. Anyway, just like Hilary Clinton will never hold the big banks accountable because they are funding her campaign, neither will Rep. Larsen hold PSE accountable, because at some level, someone who has an interest in PSE, or PSE directly, will give them money at some point. Since this has been going on for a few decades now I would say that this is bordering on taxation without representation. Fake representation is the same thing as none.