Hillary Victory Fund (The Clinton Version of Citizens United)

I was puzzled to receive a letter from the Hillary Clinton Campaign today since I’ve been supporting Sanders for months now and talking legit trash about Hillary and all of the other Republicans (and wanna be Republicans), often publically, for years now. Still, just like in the Benghazi case Hillary did not have competent IT personnel working on the mailing and they did not compare spreadsheets of Sanders supporters, that hate her and her pathological lying, to the rest of the list.

The letter is really funny to me. I starts by talking about the fact that the Democratic nomination is close as a problem, then moves on to talk about legit issues with the Republicans, who are raising money in much the same way the Clinton campaign is, you know from very wealthy people who want to keep being allowed to screw the average person over. The Clinton guys are just a little less bloodthirsty about the whole thing, but they still do it.

It then urges you not to allow scare tactics to affect you, but then uses a scare tactic itself. Largely urging you to stay away from both Republicans and Sanders (a mutant from another dimension that is crazy enough to want you to have a decent wage and healthcare), but not coming out and saying that because they have no fortitude. It states, “We can’t let scare tactics and divisiveness win out. We can’t let it rip away our progress. That is why I need your support now so we can hold the White House, elect Democrats up-and-down the ballot this November, and protect all the progress we have made from Republicans who want to drag us backward.”

Then she demonstrates a complete lack of historical knowledge, or rather an upper-crusty version of history. “America was built by people who had each other’s backs, who understood we all have to do our part,” I guess she forgot about how people of wealthy European descendants largely stole the land from the Native Americans, infected them with smallpox, and built the nation using slaves, who they then never really gave their rights back to. When poor, largely European descendants, were legitimately working, like on the old New York skyscrapers, 2 out of 3 of them fell to their deaths or were paralyzed because their ultra capitalist bosses wouldn’t give them safety equipment. Upton Sinclair didn’t write “The Jungle” because capitalism was good for industry. The list goes on. Still, it’s common for people of privilege to have this view of American history. The problem is people at the top are often willing to do anything to get ahead and keep their lead. This includes the Clinton family and most families attached to the Ivy League in some way. You know, the people that consider themselves better than you. They consider the average person to be a child that needs their superior guidance to get ahead. None of you are capable of making decisions on your own after all. You need the people that have totally fucked up the country to continue to do that for you. Perhaps they’ll start another war. Wars are always good for the economy, and they get rid of the “surplus population.” Helping combat climate change.

She then asks for slightly less than the Sanders Campaign has been getting on average ($25 instead of $27). This is actually a smart move. The Clinton campaign may be totally out of touch with technology, but they still know how to sell people things. Anything ending in a 9 or 5 tends to sell better than a 0, 7 etc. That’s why that shitty car, with no warranty attached to it, sells for $999 instead of $1,000. With so many large money contributors, why does Clinton need money from little old me. She says she wants to give Clipboards and Pencils to her volunteers, maybe she can ask Clooney for some more cash, after he ruins another one of our childhood superheroes on screen.

She then alludes to Sanders being in the race just to make a point and that he is making promises he can’t keep. Which is 100% NOT TRUE. Sanders has the backing of the younger generation, and is in touch with what they want and need. He polls better against Trump, and is not a criminal. Again, if Clinton gets nominated, the results of the Benghazi investigation will come to light, and she will not be able to run for president anyway. So any promise she makes to you is a lie. Take the whole healthcare thing, she keeps telling you we’re going to get the remaining 10% onto the AHA. Guess what, she can’t. The people choosing not to participate are of choosing to do so because of religious and other reasons. They don’t want to participate in the AHA.

She then recaps some good things she did in the past, as if she singlehandedly did them, of course forgetting to mention that Bernine supported most of the things she did, simply because they were progressive. She hits the women’s rights card hard, forgetting to mention that Sanders is the best candidate for women if you look at his voting record and platform. And of course, she mentions 9/11 and how she was first lady. She forgets to mention the fascist regulation of music and media, that took place during the Clinton presidency, and how African Americans started going to jail a whole lot more because of the Clinton presidency. In fact, so disproportionately more that the policies could only be seen as fascist if not racist. But how could that be, she says she’s progressive? Yeah, she’s totally full of shit.

The letter then states, “This November, Americans will be faced with stark choices.” As if we haven’t been doing that for the last several decades. Since there has been no truly good president in my lifetime, and it’s tough to find one before that too, American quality of life has been diminishing as long as I’ve been alive.

She then claims to want to raise the minimum wage, but to $12 an hour, not $15, because she really believes that $24,000 a year, before taxes, is a livable wage in our out of control economy that’s plagued by constant inflation.

She attacks guns, because that’s popular, but in Clinton America you’ll have zero access. Do you really want zero access? I can understand some regulation, but zero access means no guns. Sanders is reasonable about this, Clinton is a total fascist about it. Only the cops that beat people to death occasionally and the military will have them in Clinton America. If you like to hunt, then get ready to do it with a Tomahawk or Sword if Clinton is president.

She then guarantees to do a lot of things that Sanders will do better. She does not hold the very wealthy accountable for shipping our jobs overseas, and not paying their fair share in taxes, but tells you things will somehow, magically, get better and then says that we can only eat all of this delicious shit if we elect her president.

She then attacks Sanders again, as “a force trying to drive us apart.” Although, most Americans will do a lot better under Sanders. You know, the Americans she doesn’t understand at all, but claims to represent.

The letter is 4 pages long.