Steve Jobs Dies and People’s Livers in 3rd World Countries are at Least 25% Safer

Ok, so the title is pretty offensive. I get that. As much as I go back and forth on the whole Apple love/hate thing I have to say that overall I think Jobs dying is a bad thing. Yep, you heard me say that. I know that many of you are shocked, but as I highlighted when he resigned I didn’t think that he did a whole lot at Apple, other than be a figure head anyway. Still, we can’t deny that he did make some very smart decisions that definitely helped change the world for the better. One thing I’ve always been annoyed about is the fact that he got a liver transplant. Not that I think people that are sick shouldn’t get them, but having cancer usually puts a person very low on the list of people that can get livers and other organs. I think it’s outright disgusting that he somehow got one anyway. Of course none of us can be 100% sure how that happened, conspiracy theories lead us to believe that some poor person in a 3rd world country may be an entire liver short. It probably was just part of someone else’s liver…. Then again perhaps they just took it from one of the many people that jump off of the Foxconn building every year, oh yeah, they put up nets now so you don’t have to feel as bad that manufacturing iPhones, etc. in China leads to this… Anyway, as influential as he was let us not forget that if someone down the ladder, that arguably actually made the products that saved the company, got as sick, thanks to our health care system, they probably would not have the same priority for getting a transplant as Jobs did, which obviously was a bad move because he didn’t make it that long anyway. I know it’s sad, he was influential, but those are the facts. 56 is not an old age in modern society. I personally put a lot more value on the many brilliant people that decide to get paid, in comparison to Jobs, like crap to work in the health care and educational fields and would hope that they could all get the same considerations to receive an organ transplant if they were ill that Jobs did, but know that they would not. Oh well, anyway, I know this was cynical, but what the hell? Are we going to cry when Donald Trump dies too? Sob, he made too much money, and now he can’t anymore, and we’ll only have to deal with the generations of asshole millionaires that he left behind that get to live off of his legacy. Oh my God, what will we do if their wealth gets distributed more equally?! I don’t even want to live in a world that’s that fair :(. By the way, I’m being sarcastic, for the Apple zealots that are oiling up their iLasers as they’re finishing this post. Still, in the end I won’t rejoice that someone has passed, I’ll just say that I wish things were more equal in general and his passing reminds me that they’re not, among other things, like reminding me that OSX is a better OS than Windows, and that my iPod ended up being way more reliable than my Sony Walkman.