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Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) Is Beyond Awful

I want to make clear that my post is not pro or Anti-Obamacare. These guys have been terrible both before and after. They have more money now through, which makes their scope of awfulness broader. I have several friends that use this plan, more now post-Obamacare since it was assigned to most people making less than 61,000 dollars a year by the state especially for their kids. All have moderate or better complaints. Their customer service is pretty much totally unresponsive. You know the receptionist, male and female, are doing their nails while you’re talking to them and not paying attention. For starters the call center is based in Texas, even though this is a Washington organization, and the people you are talking to can give less than a shit about your problems. They do almost all of their paperwork by snail mail, even though it’s 2014. I’ll highlight two of five cases that I know of. In one case they forgot to file a friend’s Certificate of Credible Coverage, but then sent them a go ahead for an expensive MRI, and then later tried to charge them several thousand dollars for it because they forgot to file the CCC. It took five months to fix. All they had to do was file another CCC. Which was sent to them next day by the original private healthcare company. The original rep. simply stopped working on it and the paperwork had to be taken off of his desk. Then some of it was missing, so the stuff had to be sent again. Every change took two weeks to process and that really was anything, even looking at the paperwork again. Oh, and they of course told him it was all his fault because their approval letter wasn’t really an approval letter and he needed to make sure that they did their job and filed his CCC in the first place, even though they sent an approval letter. In another case an 18 month old child’s father was told that he could not discuss his daughter’s medical records with them although he was listed as the father during the Obamacare setup phase. Probably the rep. simply wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize that they were talking about a child or know that state and federal law make the father a guardian of the child, especially in an in tact, married household. She simply wasn’t listening, reading, etc. She then snail mailed a consent form that was never filed, and then mailed another one. It is taking over 2 months to get the father the right to talk about getting anti-biotics, for example, for his daughter with CHPW. We’ll see what happens with it. The point I’m getting to here is that this organization is terrible. They almost never file paperwork correctly, they’ve outsourced the call center to Texas, where the reps think that Spokane close to Seattle. It’s on the other side of the state by the way, about 279 miles away from Seattle. They have never been good. This is because the people at CHPW just don’t give a shit. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but then their policies keep them from trying to help, even in critical situations, because they don’t want to be bothered as a first priority. It’s tough to tell when it’s a real policy or they just don’t give a shit since the priority of all call centers is to get you off of the phone with a solution as quickly as possible. Note: A solution, not necessarily a good or correct one. Obamacare or not healthcare in this country is always going to suck as long as the people involved in it suck. It’s that simple. Put these two priorities together with the fact that they work mostly with poor people that can’t afford legal representation and you get an expensive organization that produces next to nothing at high tax payer expense. It probably also doesn’t help that the call center was moved to a state with an average IQ lower than not just the rest of the US, but the rest of the developed world. I’m not making that up because of my personal beliefs about the biggest embarrassment to the nation (aka The South), btw. That has actually been shown in several polls. Perhaps they simply can’t understand full sentences. I might feel bad for them if it didn’t effect children getting healthcare, for example. So good luck to all of those unfortunate souls that got assigned CHPW. The next open enrollment period starts November 15th. If you have CHPW you should mark this date as, change my healthcare plan to just about anything else as quickly as possible, on your calendar.