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Government Shutdown (aka Mllionaire Hissy Fit) Day 15 “The Let’s Keep Going Deeper Into Debt Solution”

So today we’re told we have progress because we authorized our current level of overspending until January 15th. This is comical since we are already in huge trouble debt wise and we basically are simply spending more, so borrowing more, and therefore getting deeper into debt. All because millionaire and billionaire Scum-publicans, and not even all of them, don’t want to let us try out a different form of healthcare. (Oh and the special interests trying to keep things the way they are in the background aren’t helping either. In fact they’re probably the cause.) Again, rich vs. poor. Not Democrat vs. Republican. Doesn’t sound like a solution to me.

Government Shutdown (aka Millionaire Hissy Fit Day 10) Congressional Gyms Open During Shutdown
I was planning on posting every two or three days on this topic, but then I stumbled across this. For those of you who may not know, gyms for congressmen are considered critical services. I know, it sounded like bullshit to me too, but I’m sure they have some Ivy League generated, excellent sounding, but ultimately bullshit excuse for why it’s necessary to keep them open. Again, rich vs. poor here, not Republican Vs. Democrat. They feel entitled to this level of pampering, no matter what. There are no repercussions to them during this period and therefore no motivation to correct the problem. Also, congressmen get their own gym, at our expense? Why?

Government Shutdown (aka Millionaire Hissy Fit) Day 9

Not much to say today other than I was not able to use the donotcall registry. Sure it’s a small thing, but it highlights that there are many services, including services to our veterans, that cannot be provided right now. On the other hand federal employees have been told that they will be paid for the days that the government has been shutdown at some point. I wonder what the point of a shutdown is if you are giving government employees no motivation to get the government up and running again. Those of us working regular jobs are just getting screwed, so it would be nice if the federal employees weren’t effectively just getting a couple of weeks off. Also, it would be nice if the House Representatives at least tried to show that they care that the shutdown is effecting their citizens. This has been the problems all along. Why would they care if they’re going to get paid or are fabulously wealthy anyway? Why would they try to reform healthcare when other citizens are paying for theirs and they’re getting unlimited coverage? In the end they have no motivation to care other than the anger of their citizens and even then they’re more worried about pleasing special interests.

The Government Shutdown (aka Millionaire Hissy Fit Day 5)

Well at least the government is supposed to work through the weekend on this one, you know like many Americans do all of the time for much less pay and no benefits. Anyway, it’s day 5 and all I can think is, whether you are on board or not with Obamacare this is supposed to be a Republic based heavily on Democracy, so if everyone else (aka a majority) wants to try out a new system then even if you don’t agree with it you should let them. I know I believe that the shutdown has nothing to do with partisan politics and everything to do with Millionaires and Billionaires trying to extend their period of making even more money off of human suffering and calling in their favors to the very wealthy members of congress they helped put there, but allowing the American people to believe their government can actually work might be nice for a change. Still it really highlights who is in control of our country and it obviously isn’t our government, but the corporate puppet-masters in the shadows that push them around. Think about this the next time you want to de-regulate everything, because we tried that already, and we got 60 plus million Americans without healthcare, many more under-insured, and almost everyone paying unaffordable premiums that did have it. So perhaps it’s not the smartest idea to let anyone become too powerful and perhaps everything doesn’t need to be a for profit venture. Necessities like housing, health care, and water are a few that come to mind.

The Government Shutdown

Re-post from Day 1.
A lot is being said on this lately. All I want to say is that whatever side of the issue you’re on just take a second to consider one simple fact. The fact that I think is the real cause of the shutdown. Large parts of the budget are going to regulate obscenely wealthy people and take them from making say 10 million a year to 3 million. Obamacare, for example, regulates that only 20% of healthcare cost can be spent on administration. Right now about 33% is spent on that, and the remaining 13% largely just goes to investors, CEOs and other fabulously wealthy people. So the government isn’t shutdown because anyone really cares about our rights, etc. it’s shutdown so the very wealthy can try to keep making even more money off of human suffering. That’s really it. They want to make 10 million instead of 2 or 3 million a year. I think even conservatives can get behind me on being sick of this level of greed. I’m not going to lose sleep if some millionaire becomes even more of a millionaire, just more slowly, if it means that our country can move forward. It’s not republican vs. democrat, and hasn’t been for a long time, it’s a tale as old as civilization itself. It’s the rich taking advantage of the poor, and lying to them to keep them controlled. If that doesn’t work then they control them with money. That’s all it really is. The argument to this is that if we give the wealthy more money, they’ll put it back into the economy, except that doesn’t happen in a global economy. Instead of opening factories here, they open them in China, for example. We’ve tried this trickle down strategy and it’s never worked. So let’s stop pretending that House Republicans are heroes and call them out as the greedy bastards that they really are.

The Government Shutdown (aka Millionaire Hissy Fit) Day 3

Even Karl Rove spoke out against this shutdown. So I guess the only guys that are holding out on it are simply the millionaires that are officially throwing the biggest hissy fit in recent history and the ones that owe them favors. Again, not even all Republicans are on board and what are they fighting for anyway? Win or lose they come from a walk of life where they will never be without high end healthcare, so why not let the rest of us gain access to it. (For the answer see my day one commentary). It reminds me of the part in Dune where they explain to Paul that many people on Arrakis do not have water, but as royalty, he will never have to worry about that. Still, water is used to control everyone else on Arrakis, kind of like money and healthcare are used here in the US? Yep, I used a Dune analogy. Seems to fit with the apparent royalty that we elected to office and the way they’re handling the situation. As if we don’t exist or are lucky to have them at the helm, or some delusion along those lines.