Monthly Archives: May 2011


So I put a few “historical facts” together, with the help of a few friends, and I think I’m about to prove that my age old theory of David Hasselhoff causing the apocalypse is true. You see in 1980 the Battlestar Galactica sent a survey mission to Earth to scout out our primitive culture. Because of their circumstances they left technology behind which would eventually lead to the building of the first Earth made Cylon prototype in 1982 known as KITT the car in Knight Rider. Thus causing the 13th tribe cycle to start all over again. Furthermore, David would take this car into impossible situations and teach it the art of slick 80’s combat, eventually leading to a race of unstoppable Cylons that destroy humanity…. The similarities are evident in KITT’s Cylon like eye and sex appeal. Ok fine, it’s far fetched but since they canceled Caprica I can only guess at to what really leads to the Cylons going totally ballistic. Plus that spin off movie “The Plan” only shed very faint light on the subject.