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PS3 You Tube App (Years Later It Still Sucks)

Ok, so this is definitely a first world problem. After years of being available on the PS3 the YouTube app. for it still does not do things like remember searches. Still it is amazing to have access to the content on YouTube on my PS3. So why am I upset about it’s simple to work around short-comings? Well, because you have 3, well technically 2, of the largest corporations to ever exist, meaning largest entities in the world to exist, that don’t seem to give a shit about it working correctly. Sony and YouTube (owned by Google). It should be a matter of pride that their apps work correctly on all platforms, but Sony released the PS4 so they don’t give a shit and YouTube probably just doesn’t consider it a big enough market. With stupid work-arounds like using your laptop or phone to control YouTube on your PS3 they probably consider it fine, but how dumb is it to have to control your one super powerful computer (aka your PS3) with another computer (aka your phone, laptop, etc.) when your PS3 is more than powerful enough to handle YouTube on its own, especailly when the problem is just that Sony and YouTube are too lazy to fix the PS3 app? ¬†Again, it shows us that in our current era big corporations don’t really care about releasing quality products. Just good enough products. The age of giving a shit about quality is long over, and this is just another example of it.

Lady Bro

Here’s a song I wrote dedicated to all of the Lady Bros out there, and all of my Lady Bros :).


You’re not just a lady

You’re my bro

You’re not just beautiful

You’re hands are like stones

Sometimes when I’m kissin you

I forget you’re my bro

And things get out of control

But then it’s like

I’m touchin my bro

And I feel real low

Oh Lady Bro


You’re not just a lady

You’re my bro

And I may get confused

Cause I wanna be with you

But I guess we can just go to the zoo

And drink some brews too


Don’t you just want to play paintball

Then maybe spoon a little

I mean

Don’t you just want to work on some cars

Then maybe spoon a little

Don’t you just want to go to the bar

Then maybe spoon a little

Don’t you want to smoke some dope

Then maybe spoon a little

Don’t you want to mack some ho’s

Then maybe spoon a little, kiss a little, touch a little, oh….


Dinosaur Poster

So I made a song based on a recent event. That event was, creating a dinosaur poster of the Mesozoic Era for my Zoology class…. Anyway, if you’re in the class you’ll get the joke. Otherwise you’ll probably just hate this.

Lyrics as requested. I didn’t spend a lot of time lining these up.

Main Voice

There once was this girl named Jaci
and she was really cool to me
when I took Organic Chemistry
but then we both took Zoology
and we had to do a poster
of the Mesozoic Era and she got really mean to me
she was all like don’t put that T-Rex there.
Then she injured her knee and wouldn’t take
Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling
and she got even meaner to me.
I was all like can I carry your backpack for you
and she was like whatever I hate that sponge lab
but I guess we’ll do it to pass the class.
I just wish I did a better job of picking out the
backgrounds for our dinosaur pictures
and man am I sorry if it made you angry
I know that purple doesn’t go with the Archaeopteryx
or with a Stegosaurus
but you used it anyway.
Well I guess that’s the end of my song
I just hope that soon we can do another dinosaur poster
with different color backgrounds
and we can get at least 5 Archaeopteryx on the poster
and we could be cool to each other the whole time.
Peace Out.

Background Voice

West Coast
I, I don’t know why, I don’t why you’re so mean to me when I just wanna be friends.
I, don’t know why
I, I don’t know why, I don’t why you’re so mean to me when I just wanna be friends,
and make a dinosaur poster
I don’t know why, I don’t know why you’re so mean to me when I just wanna be friends
and make a dinosaur poster with the motherfucking Archaeopteryx
Motherfucking Archaeopteryx is mother fucking cool, I like the Archaeopteryx even when it being a fool
Moterfucking Velocaraptor mothrefucking is cool, I like the Velocaraptor even when it bein a fool