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Apple Still Sucks At Everything, But Especially Enterprise Computing

So what has Apple’s contribution to computing really been lately? Sure, during the XP age they gave us a much better OS on slightly better hardware, then a better OS on the same hardware as any other mid-grade or better PC, while Microsoft and the big PC manufactures were having slap fights about who really should have secured XP, by the way it’s your own responsibility to secure your own computer but MS could have done more and should have done more for what they charge for their OS, but now Apple is just behind. Instead of being innovative lately they have just gone to court with everyone freezing the smartwatch market, stopping better tablet and phone companies from steamrolling over them just because they, god forbid, make better products than Apple, and the list goes on. In general, all they do now is disrupt forward progress. Showing again that Capitalism is good in short bursts, but after a while Mega-Corps like Apple just halt progress, removing the only arguably good thing about Capitalism, which is direct competition.

The following is an older story about how bad they suck at enterprise computing too that I meant to post a while ago but never got around to. I have had to buy lots of computers for companies over the years, and never did I have a company so stuck up about taking money from a well established, well financed organization as I did when I tried to buy two servers from Crapple (Apple). They confused our name with another company, did not tell us what was going on for weeks, and could not correct the issue for 2 months because of internal bureaucracy. I won’t disclose the amounts, but this was for two tower server with RAID cards. In the same period of time Dell got us 2 other servers, that were way better from a cost comparison standpoint with dual power supplies, and are still running well by the way (knock on wood), and approved us for several times the amount as Apple the same day we spoke with them. On top of that, after we went from OS 10.6 to 10.7, with a direct healthy upgrade, 10.7 had a lot of problem with the Open Directory transfer. We paid for support from Apple, but I did not speak with any technician that knew more than I did about it, and they abruptly ended the calls many times tell me “best of luck.” Fuck you asshole, I paid for proprietary support and hardware so I wouldn’t have issues in the first place, and now that we have a problem, you’re telling me to Google it and best of luck. I did all of those things before calling them btw, because proprietary phone support is almost always useless, except in the Open Source world, because of actual competition for support. This was back in the early days of their software only OS releases, so re-installing took forever over our network too. They of course did not have a simple method to rapidly re-install an OS, like a DVD, in the box. Also, what the hell with the whole anti- Blu Ray shit with Apple. Apple has been telling us what we want instead of giving us what we want for a long time now. Regardless of their personal beliefs, if I pay that much for a system it better have an optical drive in there capable of reading any current standard and most of the old ones including crazy shit like the bacteria types off of my chest hair pre-insalled. Also, it better be the fucking Honda of optical drives in ┬áthere too, meaning cutting edge and dependable, oh and made somewhere with a decent quality of life like Japan or the US. Anyway, their support sucks for enterprise, their OS sucks, their distribution sucks, their pricing sucks, and now their expand-ability ┬áhas gone from sucks to unacceptably bad. Hey Apple, why don’t you take those thunderbolt break-out boxes and cram them up your ass? I want to put stuff inside of my server, to god forbid, improve performance and save space. Anyway, I’ll just purchase real servers, for less money, from a better company, that cost less and are still expandable. They will almost all have Linux on them at this point. Seriously, how is Apple still in business? I know, I know, like Harley, they build shit but have a cult following of people that just don’t know any better.

Taking “Non-Helpful” Reviews on Amazon as a Compliment

I just realized that all of the reviews I wrote on Amazon that received non-helpful votes are most likely from the people trying to sell bad products. For example, there was one I wrote about the awful experience I had with a Sony Walkman and Sony itself that was based on real life experience using the product as instructed. The seller was trying to sell a “rare” version of it at an inflated price, which is even funnier since it sucks pretty hard as a player, and paying more for a fancier version of it is almost like literally paying more for a shiny piece of shit. Anyway, I can only take this to mean that my reviews are helping steer people clear of buying inferior merchandise, and this is just the sellers, hardcore fans, etc. getting mad that they can’t sell their garbage as easily. So to all of us with some non-helpful votes for reviews, keep up the good work. It’s probably helping keep bad products out of unsuspecting consumers hands, money out of scumbags hands, and making the manufacturers make better products in general. Oh yeah, I have lots of helpful votes too for other things :).

Amazon Instant Video

Reason number 100 million to use this instead of Netflix.

100,000,000 = It works on Ubuntu/Linux. Now the real question is what would the official naming of Ubuntu be according to hardcore Linux guys. GNU/Ubuntu/Linux, GNU/Linux/Ubuntu, etc.?

100,000,001 = It’s $40 a year if you’re a student and as a student you should be using Linux.

Steve Jobs Dies and People’s Livers in 3rd World Countries are at Least 25% Safer

Ok, so the title is pretty offensive. I get that. As much as I go back and forth on the whole Apple love/hate thing I have to say that overall I think Jobs dying is a bad thing. Yep, you heard me say that. I know that many of you are shocked, but as I highlighted when he resigned I didn’t think that he did a whole lot at Apple, other than be a figure head anyway. Still, we can’t deny that he did make some very smart decisions that definitely helped change the world for the better. One thing I’ve always been annoyed about is the fact that he got a liver transplant. Not that I think people that are sick shouldn’t get them, but having cancer usually puts a person very low on the list of people that can get livers and other organs. I think it’s outright disgusting that he somehow got one anyway. Of course none of us can be 100% sure how that happened, conspiracy theories lead us to believe that some poor person in a 3rd world country may be an entire liver short. It probably was just part of someone else’s liver…. Then again perhaps they just took it from one of the many people that jump off of the Foxconn building every year, oh yeah, they put up nets now so you don’t have to feel as bad that manufacturing iPhones, etc. in China leads to this… Anyway, as influential as he was let us not forget that if someone down the ladder, that arguably actually made the products that saved the company, got as sick, thanks to our health care system, they probably would not have the same priority for getting a transplant as Jobs did, which obviously was a bad move because he didn’t make it that long anyway. I know it’s sad, he was influential, but those are the facts. 56 is not an old age in modern society. I personally put a lot more value on the many brilliant people that decide to get paid, in comparison to Jobs, like crap to work in the health care and educational fields and would hope that they could all get the same considerations to receive an organ transplant if they were ill that Jobs did, but know that they would not. Oh well, anyway, I know this was cynical, but what the hell? Are we going to cry when Donald Trump dies too? Sob, he made too much money, and now he can’t anymore, and we’ll only have to deal with the generations of asshole millionaires that he left behind that get to live off of his legacy. Oh my God, what will we do if their wealth gets distributed more equally?! I don’t even want to live in a world that’s that fair :(. By the way, I’m being sarcastic, for the Apple zealots that are oiling up their iLasers as they’re finishing this post. Still, in the end I won’t rejoice that someone has passed, I’ll just say that I wish things were more equal in general and his passing reminds me that they’re not, among other things, like reminding me that OSX is a better OS than Windows, and that my iPod ended up being way more reliable than my Sony Walkman.

Windows 8 May Block Linux Dual Boot

I don’t usually like to comment on rumors, but considering the bs and trouble that Apple gave people that were buying legit copies of OSX and trying to run them on non-Apple computers, at first anyway, I don’t think it’s too crazy to think that Microsoft may do something just as stupid. ZDnet ran an article about a rumor that Windows 8 new secure boot functionality may block Linux dual booting. link to the article I’m talking about
I have to say that after performing a few Windows 7 workstation upgrades and a Server 2008 R2 migration I am more pleased with Windows products than in the past, but still appalled at how crappy their migration tools are. In some cases they don’t even really exist. In general, they are a long way away from the ease of upgrade that a UNIX or OSX server provides and are of course the Windows products are very expensive, and of course there are 96 versions of the Windows server OS to choose from to make your life even more confusing. By the way, I know Apple and servers is a sore subject now, you can get the software, but machines… Anyway, of course the largest software company in the world is releasing this kind of garbage, but hey AD is pretty good right? Oh and like GM has shown us they’re too big to fail. Anyway, perhaps they’re just waiting for responses to the rumors to decide what to do for sure.
Money aside I have found GNU/Linux to be not only free, but free and awesome. It is my main platform even for supporting other platforms, and allows me to keep my machines around for a long time. In fact, thanks to Linux, I often don’t even have to buy new machines. People give me old Windows machines, that are jacked up with spyware, and I erase them, put Linux on them and run them for an average of at least 3 more years giving the machines a total of a 6 or 7 year lifespan. This is something our environment could certainly benefit from and a model that the most of the proprietary wold is not very interested in, cause they’re assholes. Although I have old machines around to run the WinDoze on, if Microsoft goes this route I won’t be inclined to buy a copy of Windows. Still I wonder if my reaction is the one that most users are going to have. Something tells me not. I just don’t like to feel like I’m being punished for not being totally loyal to Microsoft. I’m sure someone will argue that this is just part of the new boot system, but I’m sure that they can not be dicks about it and figure out a way to not screw us on dual booting too. In general, I’d like to feel like the machine I paid for is actually mine and not just really on loan because of licensing BS, although in many ways it’s been that way for years for those that use proprietary software. Anyway, I’d love to get some feedback on this one.

Steve Jobs Resigns, Oh Well, He Wasn’t Really That Important Anyway

Those of you who know me are probably surprised that it took me so long to write about this. You know that I have a love/hate, mostly hate, relationship with Apple. I think OSX (well up to 10.6 anyway) is still better than Windows, although I am impressed with Windows 7 but am still most impressed with Ubuntu Linux. 10.7 looks ok, but I’m not nuts about it yet and need more time to evaluate it. Overall, it seems like it wants to make my computer an iPad and I like having a computer so that’s lame. I still think that OSX was best around the 10.3 age when Apple seemed to get, or pretended to get, that a company can produce proprietary software, and embrace open source, while still making buckets of money. They then started to lock the OS down shortly after. Those of us who remember the pre-OSX days, when they were very proprietary, remember that they almost went out of business. I think that this had to do a lot with their inflexibility. Anyway, back to the main point. One of the stories I watched on Steve Jobs resigning was from ABC News, basically claiming that Jobs was responsible (the tone seemed to hint at directly responsible) for the creation and success of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and basically walked on water. Maybe the story was just trying to be kind to a man that has helped influence technology and is on his way out. The overall picture is much worse, of course. As depicted in “Pirates of Silicon Valley” Jobs is not a man to be personally respected as far as being a human being goes and as far as technological innovation goes, give me a break, it’s not like he personally developed all of the innovations that have made Apple successful. People that think that any one individual can make great change, be it a CEO or president, are living in the past. It takes teams of strong, intelligent individuals to do that. Jobs may have put some money into technologies that other teams had been working on before he even came back to Apple, like the iPod, but just because he had enough sense to put some more resources into those technologies doesn’t mean that he deserves the credit for their success. The teams working on those products do. It’s time that we give credit where credit is due to the underpaid, hard working people in the background that actually make innovations happen, that work like dogs for companies like Apple, under the direction of overpaid jerks like Jobs. It’s time that we stop putting so much stock in any one individual, and realize that Apple, as a company, always diverts back to some creepy, ultra-proprietary model. No matter how cool their stuff is, they will always be trying to lock you into some creepy model where they get you to buy everything from them (which is expected) and lock you out of working on your hardware, which is awful for the environment (from not being able to replace your own battery easily in an iPod or iPhone, which shows the hipocracy in their “Greener Apple” document to the inservicable iPad that people can’t buy enough of.) I’ve commented in the past on their DRM policies and the pinnacle of creepiness surrounding the iTunes store, media-control and their click-through agreements. They’re a creepy, irresponsible large corporation, and although they may not be worse than the next corporation, in many respects, the award of total irresponsibility belongs to the company as a whole, not just to Steve Jobs. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again, these companies often take from open source, then try to lock it down, then over charge us for it. Why don’t we just use open source instead? Applications have and will come to GNU/Linux if we support it like we support Apple for screwing us. Just watch the stupid battle over the Galaxy tablet in Europe that’s going on right now. Even though the Galaxy tablet runs on a totally different OS, and multi-touch was originally developed by a University, not by Apple, they can’t help but pretend that Samsung is stealing from them because of the size of the tablet. That’s like saying that because a Toyota Corolla and a Honda Civic are about the same size that they’re the same, and that Honda is stealing from Toyota, but we all know that isn’t true. We know that cars in general have similar characteristics, just like tablets will too. It’s just another way for Apple to withhold technology from the consumer. Anyway, overall Jobs wasn’t that important, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can move towards more fair, just forms of capitalism, like employee-owned companies where some narcissistic, dead-beat dad (well only up to a certain point I guess), d-bag like like Steve Jobs, can’t be king of his domain and fire an employee that isn’t “Apple enough” just because he’s having a bad day, etc. You know, where the employees that actually make companies work have representation without having to form a corrupt union, which will just lead to a monarchy or mafia style hierarchy, or fight though an intentionally inefficient legal system that favors large companies. I would say good riddance, but again I never thought that he was that important, except to idiots that think that he was directly making the products that we see today. I really think that some old people, and a few young people, really think that he was directly coding iOS, for example. In closing I think it’s tough to say for sure, but the company probably would have been successful with or without Jobs stepping back into the picture. Let’s not forget about all of the money that Microsoft gave Apple while they were undergoing anti-trust lawsuits, and all of the awesome free code that they got to use in OSX thanks to NetBSD, etc. Perhaps it was just the right time, and not the right CEO, that made Apple successful again.