Bernie Sanders Isn’t Swinging for the Stands, He’s Already Hit it Out of the Park!

The Clinton campaign must count their lucky stars, or rather thank their corrupt friends in the media, every day. How many fruit baskets must CNN, The New York Times, and others be getting from Clinton HQ on a daily basis? Even though Bernie is totally kicking ass, the establishment media still says things like, “Bernie swings for the stands,” when the truth is that he is very close to Clinton in delegates (not bullshit super delegates, please see my write up on how worthless super delegates are) but actual delegates.  If it wasn’t for the corrupt establishment media, Clinton would have already been overtaken by Sanders. The corrupt, elite owned media is the last, and only leg that Clinton is still standing on. Don’t allow idiot, big money actors like George Clooney to tell you how to vote. Think for yourself, and I promise you’ll vote Bernie Sanders, unless you’re foolish. I mean really, do you want the worst Batman in recent history to choose who is going to be president for you. How does being a terrible actor qualify him to give out advice anyway? They’re almost all giant hypocrites. For example, so many of these actors take a giant shit on the environment, with their lifestyles, then tell you how you can make a difference, if you just donate to their charities and listen to them when it comes to how you should live. This is just one example of how full of shit most of the wealthy are, especially actors like George Clooney. He’s just protecting his money, by backing a corrupt, elitist candidate, like Hillary Clinton. You know, the money all of these guys stole from you through a mismanaged economy in some way shape or form.

Also, an important reminder that Sanders polls way better against any republican than Clinton, including Trump, and oh yeah he can’t be disqualified as a criminal, like Hillary Clinton can, when the republicans finally demand the results of the Benghazi investigation.

What Will Happen If Clinton Gets the Nomination (AKA Guaranteed Trump Victory)

Love or hate Hillary Clinton, here is what will most likely happen if she gets the Democratic Party Nomination:

  1. Trump will call for one of the only legit things he has during the whole campaign, the results of the criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton.
  2. Although she will probably not go to jail for her involvement in the Benghazi e-mail scandal (even though she should), it will probably disqualify her to run for the presidency. If it does not it will damage the credibility of the Democratic Party causing them to ask her to step aside and allow Sanders to run anyway.
  3. By then, Sanders will have lost too much momentum to beat Trump, something he can do easily if he gets the nomination right off the bat.
  4. Trump becomes president with Vice-President Cruz, both finally destroy the economy, etc. Oh well, at least maybe we’ll stop going to war all of the time when we’re no longer a superpower.

— All we have to do is just nominate Bernie Sanders in the first place. A Clinton nomination is a sure path to a Trump presidency.

Skinny and Slim Jeans (The Male Nut Corset)

I actually work for a living, so I wanted to get a pair of pants that looked good and were functional.  I’ve been working hard, so I wanted to try and get something high quality. For some odd reason, partially because I wanted to make my 1 of 2 annual treks to get wings, and a “Nuns With Guns” RATM shirt, I decided to go to the mall where almost every shop I went into had skinny and slim jeans. I thought to myself about how no one who actually has to do real work for a living could use such clothing. There’s no where to put anything while you’re using your hands!!! Also, I thought about how these pants must really not only crunch, but even deform the male genitalia. This “nut vice” design seemed crazy to me, until I thought about the victorian period and women’s corsets. This fashion was obviously so damaging to the male genitalia that 100 years from now we could expect a spunky British commentator to be doing a documentary on how crazy we were to wear such things, just like how the Victorians were to wear such tight corsets, showing off 3D animations of the damage to said junk from this clothing. Remember how the invention of the metal eyelet allowed people to draw their corsets so tight that they literally deformed their organs and bones, sometimes leading to death. While the penis is much more resilient than most organs, this analogy was one I thought was worth sharing. Guys, you need to treat your body right if you want it to work right, and cutting off circulation to your Schlong, for the sake of crappy hipster fashion, is not treating it right! Go get some baggy pants before its too late, or if you’re voting for Trump, buy skinny jeans two sizes down please. That way at least you won’t be able to breed. In the end, I ordered some Dickies online. The mall is a fucking waste of time, and a disgusting use of otherwise pristine land. The only plus was that I got to try some amazing tea at Teavana. “Only a nation of unenlightened halfwits could’ve taken this beautiful place and turned it into what it is today…. A Shopping Mall!” — George Carlin

SkinnyJeanNerveDamage CorsetOrganDamage VictorianCorset Ok, corsets are kind of hot, but not for everyday use.


Florida Man and Woman: Have Idiotic Winner Takes All Delegate Policy, Need Time Not Counting Votes to Wrestle Alligators

Really Florida, you just blow off the opinions of every one else in your state. Why would Florida do this, is it because they’re too corrupt or lazy to split them up? Or, because they want to decide who is going to be president for the rest of that nation. God the south sucks at politics. The good news is that Hillary is at the peak of her run and Bernie is coming up on very Bernie friendly states. Come on America, let’s not let the part of the nation that doesn’t want anyone to have basic human rights pick another shitty candidate. The people voting are largely retirees from New York that spent their lives fucking over the rest of America anyway. Remember? For God’s sake, they just stopped using the Stars and Bars down there!


Superdelegates Are Bullshit, You Should Only Count Delegates

Just another post to help dispel the lies coming out of the Clinton campaign. Superdelegates don’t mean anything! They are just people in the party, that are “important” (aka probably rich douche bags that made their money overcharging you for necessities, etc.), that have said they will probably support a particular candidate. This happened in the Clinton vs. Obama run, and many of the superdelegates turned on Hillary in the end. What, she expected loyalty from sweatshop owners and polluters? Sorry, I meant the “important” people in her party. Anyway, the Clinton Campaign, and even several “reputable” online polls keep listing the superdelegates, but as of today the number of actual delegates supporting Clinton and Sanders are:


Clinton: 768

I decided to put Sanders in bold here since the Clinton Campaign has a lot of establishment media outlets making her look like she has more support than she actually does. If you type, presidential primary delegate count, into Google you’ll get a very visually biased graph as the first result, showing both delegates and super delegates for each candidate. Making Hillary look like she is way ahead. She is not! As of this writing, she is only 9 percent ahead of Sanders. I love Google, but come on guys, can we not bias search results for some things, like the election? Perhaps there are some things you shouldn’t take money for. I guess I should ask CNN and MSNBC to do the same thing when it comes to the debates themselves and how they edit the short films afterwards, set candidates up on stage, etc.

It’s ok though, we’re used to Republicans lying, why should Hillary be any different? She’s quite an established Republican after all. In the end I’ve never voted Republican, which is why I’m not voting for Hillary. I would vote for Elizabeth Warren if she ran. I am not opposed to a woman president at all, but Hillary? Come on feminists, this isn’t the horse to back. Don’t you remember the movie, “The Bad Seed”? It’s about a little girl, that everyone assumes is good because she’s a girl (aka they make a sexist assumption), but she actually drowns other kids and sets people on fire, then lies about it? Not all women are good, just because they don’t have a penis. Backing Hillary just because she’s a woman is sexist, and a selfish decision when it comes to the well-being of this country. Let’s vote on issues, and performance, not anatomy!

Update: I watched the Univision debate. The only debate that I felt was as unbiased as the PBS Newshour debate. Hillary Clinton demonstrated a much greater lack of understanding on how to answer a yes/no question than Sanders. In fact, I wonder if she really understands the point of a yes/no question. Hillary, here is some advice, in general when someone asks you a yes/no question you should try, when possible, to give them a yes or no response before saying anything else. In the English language Yes is usually used to indicate an affirmative response and no usually a negative one. I can help you with yes and no responses in other languages if you so desire.

Praying For Our Rights At the Altar of Steve Jobs

So, as I’ve been discussing the recent issue about the terrorist’s iPhone that Apple won’t help our FBI with and I imagined what a world where we have to ask corporations for their permission to protect ourselves from dangerous criminals would be like, instead of building better, more trustworthy government, and here is what I came up with.

I lead off with this quote from the recent democratic debate for consideration. Yes the FBI and the government have violated the public trust many times, especially in the last 15 years, but in the end I’ll take a government I have a chance at fixing over scary multinational corporations that answer to no one, any day.

“Listen, I suppose they can trust the corporations who have destroyed Flint by a disastrous trade policy which have allowed them to shut down plants in Flint and move to China or Mexico. We could trust them I’m sure. Or maybe — you know, maybe, Anderson, tell you what — we should — maybe we should let Wall Street come in and run the city of Flint…… because we know their honesty and integrity has done so much for the American people. Look, we live in a democracy, and I’m not in (ph) the last person to deny that government is failing in many respects. But at the end of the day, I will trust the people to create a government that works for them, rather than Wall Street or corporate America.” — Bernie Sanders 3/6/2016

It was a hot day at 1 Infinite Loop. I was dressed in the proper attire to be admitted into the sacred burial chamber of Steve Jobs. It was an old Orange Genius Room shirt from back in the day when Apple used good PowerPC Processors. My power ring was also made from a 233 Megahertz G3 PowerPC processor, and my necklace from a chain of old ADB cabling and a broken up ADB keyboard. The Command key was carefully placed in the center.

I was being recorded by many Apple employees on various shiny devices, from the moment I stepped foot onto the Apple Campus. They all wore hipster glasses, and slim jeans, but that was ok with me because I loved them all so much. I wasn’t 100% sure why but being amongst my techno-tribe made me feel warm inside. It removed the burden of having to think for myself from my shoulders.

I started to consider all of the suicides and violently broken up protests at their horrific FoxConn plant to be a testament to their greatness. Those people that gave their lives in service to Apple really paved the way for not just Corporate America, but for an America governed by corporations that made shiny things on the backs of abused Asian workers. Good for them I say, way to make the big bucks. I had 3 iPhones, 2 iPad Pros, and 2 MacBook Pros in my Lincoln Navigator, and I never kept a car, phone, tablet, or computer longer than a year. Only commies keep their stuff until it stops working.

After visiting the store I was blindfolded, and scanned with an iProbe, both exteriorly, and interiorly, in my rectum, then in my mouth. I was sure that the Apple Engineers had designed a cleaning apparatus into the iProbe, or if they didn’t I was sure that I would make up an excuse for why not putting one in was a good, progressive, idea. The shitty taste in my mouth reminded me that their top people had long ago moved onto designing the iPhones and all of their other projects were pretty much a joke. Oh well, I deserved it! After all, I went with a better Linux server years ago instead of an overpriced OSX Mac Mini Server. I actually wanted something that could be expanded and ran on better, cheaper hardware. Shame on me for not being loyal to my benevolent overlords at Apple. Who did I think I was, using my own judgment, and relying on my own research to make a decision? There was never any option other than Apple after all. Why didn’t I see that earlier?

After my scans I was led up and down many hallways, and was further scrutinized by other security professionals in slim jeans with designer coffees. Blood, hair, and skin samples were taken many times using the iNeedle, the iRazor and the iExfoliator, then scanned on the spot to check for impurities or signs of Windows use.

During some of these stops the blindfold was removed and I was subjected to a series of images of other successful IT companies and movements. I smiled when I noticed Tux the penguin, which was considered a sign of impurity. They knew how to deal with scumbags like me that thought about using other computing platforms. To make a long story short, after being hooked up to a car battery for a while, I realized the error of my ways and admitted that these other IT paths were impure and their developers really just wanted to be like Apple, but just weren’t Apple enough to pull it off. With this realization, I was finally admitted to the tomb of Jobs.

His mummified corpse sat on a beautiful brushed aluminum platform in the center of the room surrounded by LED lighting. He was dressed in a black turtleneck and slacks. Priests attended him 24 hours a day, and wore long red robes, that covered their entire bodies, including their faces. They chanted incantations in Objective-C and used Newtons to smack themselves in the face with, periodically, if they made an error in their code. Many cameras and iPads were in the room playing Apple specific content, including a track that continuously played snippets of Steve Jobs words of wisdom. I knew, when I heard him scream at a young employee for not being artistic enough, that he was the kind of man that I wanted to be like. A true corporate icon and champion of the American people!

I had been sent here on behalf of my desperate people. An iPhone had been recovered from yet another Terrorist/Pedophile and we needed Apple’s help to see the content on the phone. Just like in the past, we didn’t want the secrets of their encryptions, asking for this was considered treason after all, but for them to disable the feature that would destroy the data on the phone if a password was entered incorrectly 10 times. Then we would start the time consuming process of trying to force our way in. Who were we to judge one of the great corporations of our time? They created the best shiny things for pampered people after all and that was what was important.

I knelt before the altar and was fed a cracker with thermal paste on it. I then had to wash it down with G5 liquid cooling fluid, known as holy water in the this sacred place. I felt ill but began to make my request using the Objective-C language to start, as was required. And I said, line by line,

Comment:// A Program to Request Apple's Assistance on Behalf of the    //American People, now known as the Nation of Apple.  
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
int main (int argc, const char * argv[])
        NSAutoreleasePool *pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init];
        NSLog (@"Please oh mighty and holy lords of Apple, grant us the means to protect ourselves, our children and our children's children from our enemies. Of course if you don't, I'll understand and realize I was wrong to ask in the first place. So say we all.");
        [pool drain];
        return 0;

Tim Cooks voice then came over an unseen speaker, and he said, “Code entered correctly. We will listen to thy request, as thou did wear proper, tasteful attire today and look douchebaggy enough to be listened to. Still, I would have preferred more grovelling.”

I then made my full request. Hoping and praying that I would be granted the means necessary to protect my loved ones by the holy of holies, CEO Tim Cook. Known as the messiah, Tim-esus in our new age. There was a myth that he would rise on the 3rd day after Apple switched to yet another processor type. Personally, I was hoping for ARM based computers. I should note that we were in the 10th year of the new Calendar. Known as 10 AA (After Apple).

After many hours of being forced to listen to Coldplay, and readings from the Book of Apple (a collection of technical manuscripts), I finally received an answer in the form of an iAssassin Droid which was sent into the room. It was a small, track based droid with an iPad for a face and needle tipped hands. Apple’s preferred method of execution was to inject enemies of the state with the Lithium/Polymer mixture used in their batteries. As it glided across the black, brushed aluminum floor, Tim Cooks’ voice started speaking through its small, yet impressive speaker, “sorry, but you are not artistic enough to make such a request and your impurity of using other computing products at some point in your life means that you must be eliminated for the good of the Nation of Apple. Your family will be sent new iPhones as compensation. For the glory of Apple!”

Luckily, the Droid was prettier than it was functional, a common problem with Apple products, and I was able to deploy a Raspberry Pi 300 Based Bodyguard Robot I had hidden in my butt to cover my escape. While I watched the little, far superior Modified Pi take out the trash using its flame throwers, I suddenly had a change of heart. My daughter had made the Droid in the tent city that we lived in, and urged me to take it in case things went south, I kept the details of how I would have to smuggle it in from her. As the Little Pi decimated the far inferior Apple product, the years of brainwashing melted away as I remembered what a person with proper knowledge could really do with a Raspberry Pi. The Pi’s were now being built in secret of course, and owning such banned technology was grounds for execution. Oddly, the priests did not follow. They just keep continuing to pray to their master.

The iAssassin Droid may have been able to repair itself, but it’s parts request to Apple Corporate took too long. Besides, no one wanted to risk having to pay a restocking fee for not getting the broken part back to Apple in time. After all, Apple never did tell you if it was a new or refurbished part. That was part of the fun of having Apple products. When your brand new stuff broke, it was “up yours valued customer” here is a used part that we may or may not have actually fixed for your new, broken, product.

Security was everywhere, yelling, “stop, in the name of his holiness, the Grand Inquisitor Cook, stop or it will hurt your family’s credit and ability to purchase our products!” But I kept running, soon I was dodging wave after wave of iPod style shuriken. I said my prayers, and hoped just to make it out alive. The Little Pi Continued to fight on, and blocked the shuriken from hitting me until it stopped working. It said, “I did this for our family,” before finally self-destructing.

I could hardly breathe through the thick smoke made up mostly of vintage clothing, burnt lattes, and iPhone cases. Suddenly an elite, underground team, of Ubuntu using rebels busted in with a giant Mech that looked like a Timberwolf from Mechwarrior 2. Even the few Microsoft guys that were around joined in with some half functioning robots based on T2 skeletons. They could only operate for about 15 minutes before being overcome by spyware and other viruses, but it provided me with enough time to get into the Timberwolf and get the fuck out of Cupertino. The team was tipped off by my son, who used TOR to communicate the date of the location to them. We would all be wanted for treason now, and as Apple proved many times, they only considered a child a good child if they were making batteries for them.

Tux class, armored shock troopers covered our escape, but in the end none made it out alive except for myself and the Timberwolf’s pilot. The pilot informed me that my family was being moved to a safe location in Canada, and that Apple iBombers were already in route, but they believed their Arudino based force fields would protect the convoy long enough to get away.

This day would be known as the day the corporate wars began.

Why Won’t Apple Help the FBI?

I am annoyed again with Apple. As we all should be. They are being asked to help with legitimate investigations by the FBI into mass shootings and terrorist activity like the recent tragedy in San Bernardino, CA. Before we start let’s make a few things clear. Apple, is not just an electronics manufacturer. They have tremendous influence in the media as global economy, and I mean direct influence. Here is a list of mergers and companies that Apple owns. They also distribute media directly and own Hulu.

Keep in mind that Google has come out on the side of Apple on this. For example, Google has long biased their search results based on advertising revenue they receive from companies like Apple. They do not really hide this. So is it any wonder that they’re supporting one of their best customers and comrades? Well ok, comrades is too far, these guys would stab each other in the face to get a higher stock price, but for now they’re allied on this issue. If you search for information on this case what you find is pretty much the pro-Apple position? Of course, because they control the media. They largely own it or are connected to those that do. That’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s obvious if you look at their holdings, business relationships, etc.

The FBI is not asking them to be allowed to spy on everyone, they can do that already with the Patriot Act remember, but to help them get information off of the iPhones of known terrorists and other super criminals. Apple is refusing, saying that they don’t want to compromise the trust of their customers. Also, as a multinational corporation they can kind of do whatever they want with no consequences and don’t like being screwed with, but what the hell does that have to do with a legit FBI investigation into terrorism involving phones that they have legit warrants for? Then again, what do we expect from a company that has the history of abuse that Apple does at its Foxconn plant? Do we really expect them to care about the lives of people? Perhaps they do care a bit about super consumers, but that’s it. Oh yeah, people that love and never question them are good too. They like that. Perhaps Apple can ask the next employee they retrieve from their Foxconn suicide nets to help the FBI as an independent contractor. In short, Apple isn’t willing to help out the FBI because they want to see if they’ve become more powerful than the FBI. All multinational corporations seek is more power, just like governments, but in this case, they should probably just help and we should probably not buy their products until they do.

Seems like the FBI is being reasonable here, and not Apple. They didn’t even ask them for their encryptions. Just to disable the 10 password failures, equals data scramble, feature. No one is asking Apple to endanger hundreds of millions of consumers. Apple should be updating their security periodically anyway and could handle the request by releasing the tools to the FBI after releasing an update to their customers. My God, one of the shootings in question here happened in their home state of California.

Just a brief, mid-document reminder, that proprietary computing isn’t even necessary anymore. We can all go to Linux and not support companies that protect terrorists, have planned obsolescence agendas, and in general are terrible to other humans like Apple.

Update: Oh yeah, I should have said this in the first place. Here’s my analogy. If a total scumbag had a really nice lock on the door of their house would anyone be against the FBI busting in their door as long as they had a warrant? That’s all that encryption, and these other features are, is a really nice lock. Sure the FBI will eventually crack the encryption without Apple’s help, or brute force their way into the phone, possibly causing data corruption that will then need to be repaired and which will take a really long time, but why would we want criminals to have locks that the FBI can’t break, ever?! The argument is that they protect average people too, but I think people are confusing two separate issues. This is not global spying. That’s the Patriot Act. This is breaking in the lock of a suspected criminal to see what they have on their property and maybe use the information to protect other citizens.

You already lost all of your other rights with the Patriot Act. I don’t remember Apple supporting you then. As long as the FBI has to get proper warrants, which they did here, then giving them the tools they need seems like a no brainer. This needs to not take a long time every time they come across an iPhone. Perhaps the data on the phone is bogus, or perhaps it leads to a weapons supplier, etc. We won’t know until they look at it and it would be nice if they got it all in good shape.

Also, unless the FBI distributes the tool Apple is being asked to give them it doesn’t put others at risk. If Apple’s tool affects so many phones one has to wonder why they aren’t doing a better job updating their encryptions and having separate distros for different parts of the world. Also, keep in mind that Apple licenses their OS and software to you. Meaning that in a sense you’re renting it. If you owned a physical property, and a mass murder happened on it, you would have to give the police access to it. One would hope that you would do so since something awful happened in your community. You might be able to be compensated for lost time, the cost of the property if it’s held off the market by the investigators for a long time, etc. but you would have to let them investigate the property and you would be a poor citizen if you obstructed them. Actually, obstruction of justice is illegal. I guess Apple, and other mega-corps, just want to be an exception, but we already give them an exception on paying their taxes, so…

Apple is pretending to be a company fighting for your rights, but what they really are are citizens of the Country of Apple, preying on an uneducated populous, and using their lack of knowledge to stir up sympathy for themselves and create publicity. While I want the Patriot Act repealed, keep in mind that warrants would have been issued pre-Patriot Act for scumbags of the level the FBI are investigating in these cases. Apple should be good citizens and help. They want to be treated like individual citizens by the government most of the time anyway.

Also, the Apple user propaganda that the majority of the tech industry is standing with Apple is biased at best. Thanks partially to biased search engine results. Samsung and Bill Gates are not standing with Apple. Samsung has been the recipient of many bullshit Apple lawsuits in recent years but still leads the industry in Smartphone sales and technology so this might not be because Samsung is reasonable.

P.S. It cracks me up that so many users will install Applications that mine their data without even glancing at the agreements, shop on sites with companies that do the same thing, and tolerate a whole other myriad of other corporate data mining. Meaning that they have had no privacy, even on an encrypted phone, for quite some time now. Still, I guess you can say that at least they’re making a decision to install the app, etc. In the end the core issue of privacy has nothing to do with Apple’s phone encryption and these cases. The problem goes back a lot longer than this, and Apple, along with many corporations did not fight for the people when the Patriot Act was being put into place or the FBI was making illegal files on protesters. Individuals that eventually worked for them may have, but the corporation itself is pretty much an example of the standard sociopathic, corporation that we’ve all come to know and “love.”  They make computers and other devices, some of us use them. Usually those of us that are fed up with Windows, and don’t want to put any time into learning about Linux. They are just as fascist as the government organizations they are fighting. They are using their mostly technologically uneducated public to back themselves for some other, I’m sure dark reason. If you want privacy vote for a candidate that will give you privacy and create an accountable government. Don’t support a corporation with tons of human rights violations that doesn’t really give a shit about you and answers to no one just because their stuff is shiny, they put in a few solar panels in China for show, and you don’t know any better. There is no real law about data retention with corporations as well. Some of the companies will not even answer the question when it is put to them, meaning that some companies are keeping your data, potentially, forever. Corporations, with few exceptions, are as much a problem as the government when it comes to your privacy, but you don’t have to support them. You just need to care enough to look into who you’re doing business with and for now, stop using Apple products and start using Linux. It’s better for the environment too. (The average smart phone life in the US is 18 months folks).


The NSA is close to breaking Apple’s encryption on the iPhone 5c in a brute force way. This means for a specific key (setup based on user input btw), so it’s not a master key (the Apple propaganda you’ve been hearing), it’s kind of like sending a lock smith to different locations and having them make keys until one works. It takes a lot of time, so it doesn’t invalidate encryption, plus, encryptions can be updated. Physical access to the device would be crucial for this to work in a timely manner. There are way better ways to spy on you via the network, just ask AOL, Excite, Sony, etc. This is what the FBI actually asked Apple for. In fact, they didn’t even ask for a method that broke the encryption. They just wanted the 10 failed password attempts equals the scrambling of the data on the phone, feature, disabled. This is not ideal, since the file system can become corrupt, and the data would have to be reconstructed, but it’s what they asked for. Apple not being giant dicks about the whole thing, and giving them the tools they need, would be better. I wonder what else Apple will get us to do for them on a knee jerk reaction in the future. Why won’t they just offer a reasonable compromise with the country that made them who they are? Oh yeah, because they don’t give a shit about you, but bust out that credit card and keep buying their stuff.

Hilarious Recent Updates: In a hilarious recent update Tim Cook met face to face (as if that means anything, isn’t that his job) with the FBI director. According to reedit, he explained that even Apple doesn’t have access to the San Bernardino shooters files, ignoring the other 19 phones in question. What was really hilarious about all of this is that, in support of CrApple, Edward Snowden described how the FBI/NSA could hack into the phone. In fact, many people did. So what is Tim Cook saying, that the FBI knows Apple’s file system and encryptions better than Apple does? Honestly, he’s just a high level frontman and front men don’t do the real work. In IT they often have no clue what the products they represent actually do. In fact, the least competent people are often project managers, heads of departments, technology directors, etc. The people that can actually do the work are kept doing just that, until they burn out. It’s just really funny. Not funny haha, but ya know.

List of Apple Fascism:

I am going to keep a running list of the many examples of Apple Fascism here, since they’re pretending to be on the side of justice lately. Still, Apple is totally fine with being fascist when it suits them. They have even said things like, “It’s Us or a Dystopian, Quasi-Fascist, Sci-Fi Nightmare” — The Daily Beast

But they, and multinational corporations like them, are a huge part of the Orwellian nightmare we already live in. They contribute to it more than help correct it in the way they run their business every day. Think about it. Largely, you can’t have a home, food, good health care, etc. without a job. Unless you submit to their will, or the will of some other company, you will probably be in this boat. These companies, and even universities and not for profits, reserve the right to fire you for things you do in your private life outside of work. So basically, you are governed by your work contract no matter where you are. There will not be in chronological order at first.

  1. Apple Uses the Police to Search a Man’s Home.
  2. Apple May Wirelessly Disable The Camera on Your Phone, Or Allow Others To and (There are many more articles on this topic).
  3. Foxconn workers have basically no rights. (Aka the guys that actually make your iPhones)
  4. Slave labor and Suicides.
  5. Apple makes it easy for corporations to spy on you, but don’t worry, not the government, just potentially every other company. Which seems to me to be the same thing, but ya know, make up your own mind I guess.
  6. Apple is run like an old Draconian Company. They still Value dead beat dad, and super asshole Steve Jobs. and (There are many examples of this one too. Basically, the company markets itself as progressive while running itself in a Drconian way).
  7. Cracked’s Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Scared of Apple
  8. Banning Historically Accurate Games From Stores — Specifically a Civil War Game because it has the Stars and Bars in it. I think the south shouldn’t fly these on public buildings, but shouldn’t a historically accurate game have them in it? Would you expect a WWII game not to have Nazi flags in it? Yeah, it is crazy that they did this, but then again it’s Apple

More to Come as I remember/ find them. Apple is the Orwellian monster in the closet. In the end, the FBI and government in general, have violated the public trust. We need to restructure, but at least we can restructure our own government. Multinational corporations answer to no one but themselves, can hide their money internationally, and often don’t even pay their taxes.

A world with unstoppable, giant, multinational corporations is way scarier than even our scary government. Put them both together, like we have now, and you get the problems that we have now. Still, let’s not pretend that Apple is a victim here that needs our help. Once they show us they’re responsible, and not sociopathic, then maybe….

Rotating Video In Open Shot for Google Drive, Etc.

So, for those of us that are annoyed with how Google Drive rotates videos that we upload, but has no easy way to rotate them to a better orientation, here are the direction to rotate your video using the free (yet amazing) Open Shot Video Editor. This is for a 90 degree rotation. Not for the rotation effect, which is covered by others here

— I tend  to start my directions after the basics, like importing your video. There are plenty of resources for how to do the basics out there.

  1. Drag the video into your timeline.
  2. Right click on the video you want to rotate.
  3. Choose Properties.
  4. Choose the Video tab.
  5. Set rotate to 90 degrees (or whatever you’d like).


— Export the video, save the project, or other basic computer stuff from here.

Fixing A Homewerks Bath Fan With Heater (Condition = Fan Blows, No Heat)

Ok, so this one is, of course, a use at your own risk document. I am not a professional electrician. Homewerks products totally blow and no one carries parts for them. I tried going to their website directly, but my relatively new fan was no longer listed and I could not get in touch with anyone there. I love using Repair Clinic to fix most of my other appliances, but even they don’t carry Homewerks parts. So do yourself a favor, and buy a name brand fan in the first place. If, however, like myself you find a Homewerks fan in your bathroom and the heater fan blows air, but there is no heat. You may follow the following steps to see if the problem is a simple issue like a Thermal Fuse. If the power sucks as hard in your neighborhood, as it does in mine (because you are hooked up to very dirty power from a totally corrupt, backward supplier like Puget Sound Energy, who is protected by even more corrupt politicians, so they never improve their quality of power or modernize in any useful way.) then you too may get to develop many more electrical troubleshooting skills than you ever imagined as their terrible power destroys modern electronics around your home.  (Many of us are in this situation in the US and don’t even know it. That’s what happens with monopolies.) Of course while their terrible power causes irreparable damage to the environment they are running a green power campaign. Because being green these days is about putting up posters, and advertising, no actually doing anything significant…. Anyway, onto the repair.

  1. Turn off the breaker to the fan and confirm it is off. (If you don’t know how to do this, then please stay away from anything electrical until you do). Basic multi-meter skills are a must for any modern homeowner.
  2. The manual for the fan goes over removing the light cover, light, grill, and fan itself. You should do this.
  3. Using a Digital Multi-meter (Ok well any meter that has a continuity test (usually this setting looks like a wi-fi symbol, btw) test the thermal fuses to see if there is continuity. There are many YouTube videos on how to do a continuity test so I won’t go over that here. (FYI, it beeps if there is current traveling through the components).
  4. Replace the bad thermal fuse with a matching fuse. I ordered mine from Goodman’s via Amazon. The fuse itself will have its range marked on the side.
  5. Replace the fan in reverse order.

Note: Inspect all of the components. If your coil is obviously broken, then the problem also includes, or may just be, the heating coil itself.

Here is a helpful picture of the thermal fuse.

Thermal Fuses are in Red.
Thermal Fuses are in Red.

Personally, I did this repair because of how much of a pain in the ass it is to install most fans of this style, because the fan wasn’t that old to being with (see the “Homewerks stuff totally blows quote above), and mostly because this was a simple repair that should yield many more years of use out of the fan and cost me about $4 to do with shipping. I did not see any wiring issues, or anything else obvious, that should have caused this failure in the first place. So I think it was just a faulty fuse this time. You should always inspect your components when doing a repair like this. Sometimes the fuse is just bad, but more often, you have a larger issue causing it to fail.

2016 Presidential Debate “Hillary Clinton Is Full Of Shit, Gets Schooled By Every Other Candidate, but of Course Gets Endorsed By CNN Polls

I don’t dislike Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. Let me get that out of the way since that is the go to response to any male that dislikes Hillary by rabid Hillary Clinton supporters. I dislike her because she is full of shit and a fascist. Also, Anderson Cooper is a piece of shit who obviously had a bias towards giving both Clinton and Sanders more time than anyone else. The format of this debate was so flashy it was hard to take seriously. Was this a prize fight or a serious political debate? It took place in the gambling capital of the world. I mean, I love Vegas even though I don’t gamble, but it seems like an odd choice. There are plenty of battleground states. Why the gambling capital of the world? Oh yeah, to show that no matter what happens we’re all committed to our system of cut throat capitalism whether we like it or not. Anyway, below is my reasoning based on her responses in this debate. I’ll try to do one of these for every debate. The current top GOP candidates are so out of touch and bat-shit crazy that I’m just not wasting my time with them.

  1. She is a classical capitalist. A system that at best causes revolution, or extreme poverty for most while elevating a privileged few, every 60 years because it is easily corrupted. There are two schools of thought on our economic system in general. The bat shit crazy neo-conservatives generally believe in the neo-classical system and the just mostly crazy ones, like both Clintons, the classical system. Although that is definitely up for debate. You could make an argument that she is a neo-classical capitalist like most Republicans. We’ll talk about the Glass Stegall act and her later. Whatever she currently believes Bill Clinton had as much to do with our recent “great recession” by repealing policies like the Glass-Stegall act (work first begun by the Nixon administration, btw) as Regan or either Bush. She defends capitalism because it’s what Americans want to hear, but she is not a friend of small and medium sized businesses. No one who won’t break up the big banks is.
  2. As far as her warmongering goes, she voted for action in Iraq under the false pretenses that the Bush administration handed out. Sure, many of us were confused, but she had more information than we did available and says now that she regrets that decision. Tell that to the families who buried their children so we could put a puppet government in place that would guarantee that Iraqui oil would be linked to the US dollar instead of the Euro. I think that anyone that voted for action in Iraq using Bush administration data shows at least a very serious lack of judgement, and commitment to even basic research and should not be able to become president of the United States. I mean, there is still talk about jailing the Bush administration for this, especially the 1st administration (most of who ran with their tails between their legs away from the second one) and I still don’t understand why no one went to jail.
  3. Also, why is this debate on a cable network like CNN and underwritten by Facebook? Doesn’t that show a dangerous, inherent bias in the debate in the first place? Not a Clinton specific point, but WTF?
  4. She claims to have had to make difficult decisions as Secretary of State for Obama, but then used the example of going after Osama Bin Laden. Doesn’t sound like that decision shows leadership to me. Especially since it wasn’t like she was on the ground, ready to take the action the American people expected of a leader personally. As an aside, this is where I like dogs more than people most of the time. I was discussing this with them, and said, “let’s look at this from your point of view. Many years ago a dog pack attacked your pack and really did some damage, you got intel on where that dog was hiding out, years later from an allied pack, would you send someone else to do your job?” The answer is no. They would be there to take care of it themselves. They are not like our pussy leaders who send better people then themselves into harms way all of the time because they don’t really give a shit about other people. That’s part of the reason she sends your kids to Iraq. See number 2. She is from an elite class that doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t get their hands dirty. That’s for you and your kids to do for her and her friends.
  5. In general she sidestepped many questions and had good, pithy, ratings generating, but empty responses. “Is Sanders tough enough on guns” Clinton: “No, not at all…” Well she didn’t do much about it in her time and totally sidestepped the reality that there is approximately 1 gun to every American out there right now. As first lady she certainly could have done more, if not then then when she was a senator, if not then then when she was Secretary of State, before so many guns were out there that it was too late. Why didn’t she? Simple, she is a career politician that will change her views to fit the situation. (AKA, being full of shit). Sanders was the realist, with a real solution, like the other candidates. Still, mathematically we need a gun buy back program to even begin to reign in this problem. Also, with the current technology available do we really think that someone can’t just start making decent guns in their basement, workshop, garage, etc. Just like how making booze and weed illegal just made an underground market for them, so will making guns illegal. I don’t like it, but it’s the truth. Any decent gunsmith can make something that will work with some basic tools. We need better healthcare to address the issue too and the patients that seek it should still have a right to their privacy. There was a lot of implied fascism on this one, not just from Clinton…. If you go to the shrink, perhaps you can’t get a gun. So you’re a criminal for going to the doctor? That’s not going to work. If there is any threat like that, people won’t go, and the problem won’t get better. Right to privacy, and freedom of speech are the core of what makes us American, not any form of Ivy League taught capitalism (most teach the neo-classical style at this point, btw).
  6. Clinton will probably start a war in Syria and put ground troops there. Obama couldn’t keep good on his promises about getting us out of Iraq efficiently. Hell, some American soldiers are still there. Clinton voted for the invasion of Iraq. Why would she hold back here? This one is more legit than Iraq. She also says we need to bully the bully, Putin. Does she really think that Putin is the kind of guy that it is effective to go toe to toe with? That he’ll put up with our shit willingly? We have a obesity epidemic. Does a fat kid, with a 5 gallon box of Skittles sound like something Putin is going to be afraid of? We’re soft and weak. That’s ok in some ways, terrible in others, but it’s better than being a lunatic that wants to solve all problems with violence. It’s time to grow up and use more effective means against our enemies than “hitting each other.” Chafee is right, it was a terrible decision on her part, enough to disqualify her from a nomination. Enough, to disqualify anyone that was pro invasion from a nomination. Anyway, foreign policy is stupid anyway. We should be as isolationist as possible. It would solve our job problems and keep us from getting wrapped up in affairs in the middle east and other areas.
  7. Question: “Is Clinton too quick to use military force?” Answer, yes. I’m beating a dead horse here, but everyone that was for the invasion of Iraq in congress was too quick. A no-fly zone in Syria is just a way of entrapping ourselves in another unilateral action. Even Clinton reminds us that we are already flying in Iraq and Syria. She is prepping us for war. “Well they violated the no-fly zone,” is what you’ll hear about 6 months before your son our daughter is shipped to Syria, then back to you in a box with a flag on it.  The Republicans are ready for war too. So I guess this is one of many things that she shares in common with them. This, love of big banks that steal from people, outdated policies on weed….
  8. Clinton references “lose talk” but does that really mean, free speech that annoys her? Governor O’Malley endorsed her in 2008, but a lot has happened since then. She held him accountable for that because she didn’t have a good defense for her actions in general. CNN of course reports that she “Makes A Convincing Case” but she really just yelled the most and used the most distracting language.
  9. Fuck You Anderson Cooper. He cuts off everyone but Clinton, who ends up doing well on CNN’s polls. Getting nice CNN coverage post debate, etc. In fact, he’s a total asshole to others that point out his bias.
  10. She’s on trial for trying to hide e-mails on her own personal server. An FBI investigation! Yes, the Republicans are pushing for it, but she did it. It was probably very illegal. The 4.5 million spent on investigating what happened was actually legit for a change. It’s a small price to pay not to have another corrupt president. Then she changes the topic and get’s applauded for it?! Ok, Berine backs her up on this… which I don’t get. Then she gets applauded again for refusing to respond? She probably did something very illegal that she should have answered for before the debate. Why would we applaud that? Oh yes, because the media bombarded us with it, and we’re sick of hearing about it, but it doesn’t negate the fact that you and I would go to jail if we behaved in the same way towards our employers, for example.
  11. Oh well, no time for real questions like that. We need to turn to Facebook soon so people can pretend they’re really involved at this PRIVATELY PAID FOR DEBATE. Yep guys, all of the debates are privately paid for primarily by the DNC and RNC. Later, when we get to hear from the 2 dominant parties in America at the “combined debates” 3rd party candidates that show up will get arrested or forcefully turned away by hired thugs, and protesters will be put into “free speech areas”, like they always are. It’s a very exclusive club and you ain’t in it, and I’m not in it, and other legit 3rd party candidates aren’t in it. Get used to it, she’s from the ruling class. She may give you more stuff, but she won’t give you actual freedom.
  12. Are the white collar business criminals involved in the last bank bailout be finally tried and sent to jail? She says yes, but considering they weren’t held accountable while she was serving, and the evidence was fresh, and she doesn’t have a problem with the repealing of the Glass Stegall act by her husband, probably not.
  13. Did anyone else notice how only Berine and Hillary are headlined on the video titles and advertisements? Did you notice how CNN is highlighting Hillary way more favorably than Berine? Guess the media is telling us who to vote for. Can’t say I’m surprised. They put a lot of money into hosting these rigged debates after all.
  14. Do black lives matter or do all lives matter? Awesome question, but we marginalize all poor people of every walk of life. We need to realize this is primarily a problem with poverty and education. “Every child, blah, blah, blah” Hillary Clinton says, and avoids the direct question. Again she blows smoke up your ass, sounds good, and has no substance to her statement. Sanders is accused of doing this and made to answer his questions repeatedly throughout the debate, but Clinton is just allowed to run over, get applause, and say nothing.
  15. She keeps saying she didn’t come from a wealthy family, but compared to what? She is part of the 1% and when her campaign contributors come knocking she won’t do much about the poor. Just like Obama, she’ll have to pay the piper if she gets in and she’ll be happy to do it, because at her core she believes in the system of capitalism that was in effect when her husband repealed Glass Stegall act. She avoids answering whether she will reinstate it, which usually means no. The potential problems with banks, that she doesn’t get, is that they are too big, period. She is going to be weak on holding banks accountable. The banks got “too big to fail” because of people like the Clintons letting them get big. She said, “cut it out” to the banks, but is anyone in jail, are they going to be? Nope. “Congress does not regulate wall street, Wall Street regulates congress. We need to break these banks up.” — Bernies Sanders. Anyone who stands anywhere else on this is full of shit. You can’t shine shit, and that’s what giant banks are. It’s not a broken system that can be fixed. It’s a bad idea, period. She does get schooled on this, but then plays the “I’m just a human too” card. She is too close to banks, period.
  16. Almost no one is on the forefront of fighting climate change in America. So Hillary should shut up on this one. In fact, they probably all could have done more. We use 25% of the world’s resources. Everyone keeps talking about it but plastic bag bans and a few electric cars are not going to fix the issue. Hippies at Not-For-Profits running giant diesel buses for weekends in the mountains, funded with our tax dollars, won’t either. We need to stop supporting big investors, like the 1%, who invest overseas. Even if Crapple puts in solar panels at their iPhone plants the phones still have to be sent 6,000 miles to our West Coast and 9,000 miles to most of the East Coast. Breaking up big banks, and investing in manufacturing here is a big part of it. Having a good IT infrastructure with buried cables, fiberoptics, and regulated providers will greatly reduce the need to commute. Clinton will still back the big banks that ultimately invest overseas, create jobs overseas, send materials overseas, and take an unnecessary shit on the environment in their manufacturing processes. If the planet is fucked, we’re fucked. The planet will survive yes, but we won’t be able to inhabit it. This is our biggest issue! We need real leadership, not hippies in Volvos that get 25 mpg getting pissed off about a bit of dog shit in a parking lot on the weekends and demanding you use reusable bags when their cars go through a 900 years supply of plastic bags in fuel, every year of operation. That’s the kind of greenwashing bullshit that these guys have funded.  All of them over the years could have done more.  At the very least, they could have moved us to Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactors and totally phased out coal and oil. Sure they would have had to educate hippies on what these way better, safer reactors were, but each one can replace 4 coal plants or oil plants. They don’t really get how important this issue is or they would have done this already. Sure, nuclear power is a potential risk, coal, natural gas and oil are definitely killing people, and ruining the environment.  Renewables need more research to be viable, although I hope someday they are the predominant source of energy. At the rate we use resources, nothing is truly renewable right now. This is a personal responsibility issue and Americans need a candidate that will tell them it’s time to grow the fuck up and reduce their usage. This starts with the toys that the wealthy own.
  17. Donald Trump is going to pay for his kids to go to college under Bernie’s plan in his way higher taxes. Hillary saying, “I don’t support paying for Donald Trump’s kids to go to college for free (I paraphrased this one)” sounds good but isn’t close to what Bernie actually said, plus they would probably go to private schools not covered under this act anyway. As an advanced nation, we need people to get educated. Motivated people are usually easier to educate, so they should be able to receive education at any point in their lives. It makes them better citizens. So education should be free. Tax the wealthy more. Hillary, stop spinning this issue. Your proposals are outdated, and too complex. Students need to work while at college she says, like she did. Well I did, and I’ll tell you the kids who didn’t have to had a huge advantage. They should be focusing on their educations, not work. It will make them better workers later. So shut up.
  18. All Americans should have healthcare. We almost got there with Obama.
  19. She basically avoids really saying how she’ll address the social security issue. Bernie does not.
  20. her stance on immigration and healthcare is not really clear. She talks about children’s healthcare…. but not all immigrants are children…. She says it raises issues… then kind of agrees with Bernie. Stops talking… So again, she says almost nothing, but sounds good. Governor O’Malley actually has the best response here about Clinton’s old thinking.
  21. Undocumented immigrants won’t get “Obamacare.” Obamacare isn’t the name of the act. They should get something, but let’s stop saying “Obamacare” that’s what the crazy-ass Neo-Conservatives call it when they refer to it as a mistake. It wasn’t a mistake. It didn’t go far enough.
  22. Hillary actually makes a good point about how Republicans demonize immigrants. Way to go. You still suck as a person, but like 3% less now. She then puts the responsibility on the states. The classic federal cop out. We’ll let the states do it first, see how it goes, and then maybe support them. I wonder why we need a federal government at times like this. Why not just let the sates make their own decisions again, with some restrictions, we don’t want slavery again or anything like that, but the federal government doesn’t really support states very well unless they need to send their kids to die overseas. Then, they sort of do, for a little bit.
  23. Clinton says she doesn’t regret her vote on the patriot act? She thinks surveillance without warrants is a good idea? Is she really an American? What balance is she talking about. There is no balance if there is no due process. She didn’t even talk about the NSA phone surveillance. Anyone that agrees with the patriot act and current surveillance is a fascist, it’s that simple. So Clinton is a fascist, plain and simple. Also, it’s worth mentioning that most of the information gathered is useless. Think about what it means to record all of the phone calls in the US, or virtually all of them. You’re getting conversations about grandmothers checking up on their grand-kids, teens talking about who they think is cute, gear heads talking about what car parts they want, etc. This stuff may be good for a corporate marketing scheme, but certainly has nothing to do with security, and is an invasion of privacy.
  24. She wants Snowden arrested because he should have blown his whistle in the approved of way. The wealthy hate it when you go over their heads, even if you did the right thing. Whistle blowing does not work in the modern world. It takes too long and they would have shut Snowden up, using the patriot act as leverage, or just making up some other shit, if they didn’t just kill him outright in the first place. What real choice did Snowden have? What world does Hillary live in? Oh yeah, the disconnected one of the top 1%. Anyone else remember how the movie about him was out in theaters for only like 2 weeks? Anyway, the problem was deeper than Snowden and no one really talked about that.
  25.  Destroying information after a period of time is a great idea. Companies like Facebook, AOL, Comcast, etc. should have to do this. It’s a basic privacy thing. Some already proactively do, but all should be required to. Clinton voted for the Patriot Act, and again doesn’t regret it, so fuck me and you if you believe that she’ll require a reasonable restriction like this.
  26. Clinton says that she’s be an outsider as the first woman president. If we elect the first woman president that doesn’t mean she’s an outsider. When we said you were an insider we were referring to you being a Clinton, not the status of your sex organs and placements. You are an insider that is being investigated by the FBI, voted for war in Iraq, and still backs the Patriot Act.
  27. Clinton says she’s been working on climate change. Here’s a good first step she could have addressed as Secretary of State. We could have stopped trading with China and India if they didn’t reform. She tells a story about chasing the Chinese and Indian representatives around, like an episode of the Pink Panther? The agreements we made with them are bullshit. We don’t know what really goes on in India and China and she spearheaded dealing with them. So why no real progress? Copenhagen was pretty much a joke. China and India didn’t have a secret meeting excluding us. They didn’t give a shit about our authority because they make almost everything we own, and they know that they own us. They don’t have to care anymore. That’s what the top 1% did for our climate, economy and country. We sold them out for iPhones and cheap Microwaves. You can look in the mirror on this one, we let it happen as insatiable consumers.
  28. She supports paid family leave. Yes it’s good idea. Add 1% onto the other 3% I’ve given you towards being a decent human being. You’re officially at 4%. Still, both working moms and dads face challenges. Remember, not all things with penises are bad. Some even primarily take care of their children.
  29. Weed, whatever, no one is going to disagree with that that wants the young vote right? Wait, wait, Clinton totally put her foot in her mouth on this one and treated it like a prescription drug. No one talked about how it is legal in some states, but still held against you at work in the same states. So not really legal. Even Obama says that it’s about just as dangerous as alcohol, and we have tons of alcohol available. So knock it off. If alcohol is legal, weed should be legal.
  30. When asked what one enemy is she the most proud of making, she takes an additional enemy when being asked who her favorite enemy is. Wait, no, she takes 4. Still, being proud of having enemies is childish. Not all republicans are bad, just most of them.

She urges us to vote for her because of her record, but if I were her I would not play that card. Again, see #26 and the rest of this post. Her record is a really good reason not to vote for her!

O’Malley has the best Climate Change policy, but a 2050 implementation is too late. We need the same plan done by 2020. Sanders will do almost as good of a job with it and has the best policies on everything else. He is also, the only non-billionaire. All of the other candidates at the debate are better spoken and put together than Clinton. Hillary is very general. A practiced, silver tongued, politician that says very little, but sounds great. That kind of person can’t be trusted.

In the end I’m for Bernie. I just wish he was a woman, so one issue voters could vote for him instead of Hillary. The way he normally keeps his hair, in that carefree style, tells me that he is confident in himself, and therefore must have such a huge cock. This non-arrogant, self-confidence, makes me trust him more, but a big cock like that means he probably won’t swing the, “I have to vote for a woman period, even if she’s a fascist idiot” votes from Hillary.

Oh yeah, O’Malley is impressive too.

Overall, all of the democrats are way less scary than the republicans. What does that say…?