Trump Supporters Boo Veterans

Listen, I get why some people didn’t vote for Hillary and the establishment. She was a shitty candidate. Still, the most disturbing thing about the Trump presidency is who it has emboldened. I was downtown recently, and the Veterans for Peace (a non-partisan group) were outside waving flags for peace, rainbow flags, and Veteran’s for Peace flags. This caused some passing motorists to boo them and yell Trump at them. I was busy thanking them for their service, and efforts, when I witnessed this. Every person that yelled at them was, of course, driving a gigantic truck or SUV. You know, the kind that someone with a small dick buys to compensate for their inadequacies because buying a really nice car, that’s less expensive, that gets good gas mileage is just too much to ask of them. I’ll bet that most of the deplorables that did that were not veterans themselves, but privileged adult-children. This the the real problem with the Trump presidency. It has brought out, and emboldened, all of the monsters that were lying in wait to destroy everything that is good in the world, and threatens all of the progress reasonable people have made over the years.

Pence for President in One Year (Probably)

So, as we’ve seen with Obamacare, you shouldn’t ever try to “reach across the aisle” and make a deal with Republicans. They will always stab you, and the country, in the back. George Carlin highlighted the principles these guys actually operate on perfectly years ago.

When a business man sits down to negotiate a deal, the first thing he does is to automatically assume that the other guy is a complete lying prick who’s trying to fuck him outta his money. So he’s gotta do everything he can to fuck the other guy a little bit faster and a little bit harder. And he’s gotta do it with a big smile on his face. You know that big, bullshit businessman smile? And if you’re a customer – Whoah! – that’s when you get the really big smile. — George Carlin

So Obamacare kind of sucked, it was not as bad as what was before it, and not as bad as what is to come, but the mistake we made was that we tried to compromise with Republican Sociopaths, so it sucked.

So why does this matter for Donald Trump? It matters because the Republican party is going to do this to him on anything he does that they don’t like. They’re already pissed about him not vowing to put homosexuals into conversion camps on day one, one of today’s announcements was that he wasn’t going to do much about gay marriage, so they’ll find a reason to impeach him within the year.

This will allow them to put Mike Pence into power. (said sarcastically) So again, thanks to Republicans, pissed off Americans that didn’t think this through, Christians that don’t know what the word really means, and fuckers that didn’t vote. (back to normal tone) Not only did they put a candidate that is literally a threat to the survival of the human race into power just based on his beliefs on environmental issues, aka Donald Trump, but they have an even crazier VP that can easily be slid into power. Because not honoring their deals and stabbing people in the back is what they do!

Still, this week I’m really pissed about Obama’s spineless response to the Dakota Access pipeline, or should we say bending over and lubing up for them. Sure, the Republicans are crazy, and a serious threat to the entire world, but at least they stand by their bat-shit crazy convictions. It should be noted that Obama didn’t even hand out lube to the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters before fucking them over. I mean come on man, how progressive could a guy that doesn’t even have that level of courtesy for the people he’s fucking over really be?

P.S. (said sarcastically) Perhaps Trump can repent for his early transgressions against the Republican party this week and offer to round up homosexauls at the same time as hispanics and muslims. It would save fuel and tax payer dollars after all, and isn’t thinking in ways that save money what he claims to be good at?

Election Do Over

Is it possible to have an election do over? Sure, Hillary was a shitty candidate, and it doesn’t help that the DNC pushed the much stronger candidate of Bernie Sanders aside, underestimated Trumps support, and were elitist d-bags in general, but there were great 3rd party candidates too. This reminds me a lot of the 2000 election with Al Gore. Why do we do winner takes all with Electoral Votes in most states? Why not at least assign them proportionately? How about the voter fraud in the south? Perhaps it’s time to actually give Americans the access they need to vote and base the election on popular votes. In the State of Washington we have an excellent mail in ballot system. Anyway, get ready for a shitty four years.

Kaine/Pence Debate (A Lose Lose for the Nation and the World)

As someone who actually works for a living I sometimes have to watch recorded versions of the debates. Over the last 2 days I did just that with the first vice presidential debate. I was told that it was better than the presidential debate. I mean, the bar was so low on that one, how could it not be? So it was a bit better, kind of in the same way that finding out you have a horrible sprain instead of a broken bone in better. Actually, maybe it was more like how finding out that those huge lesions on your lips were caused by an allergic reaction to your favorite food is better than finding out your have horrible herpes. Anyway, It was again another huge waste of time. Here is my recap of the transcript.

Kaine: I’m going to ignore all of the well thought out questions our moderator has come up with and talk about some crazy ass shit that Clinton told me to. Oh yeah, I’m going to lie a lot too.

Pence: No I’m going to do the same thing, but go even further. Also, your candidate doesn’t just have a pussy, she is one!

Kaine: Oh yeah!

Pence: Yeah!

Kaine: OH YEAH!

Pence: YEAH!

Kaine: Well I’m going to skirt around the issue that my candidate will start World War 3.

Pence: Well I’m  going to skirt around the same issue even better and we’re going to start an even bigger World War 3. Ours will be Trumped up World War 3 and Donalds’ sons will get lots of profits from it.

Kaine: No way, Clinton’s buddies are going to profit off of it more and I’m one of them!

Pence: Yeah, well no one has ever been as good at cheating the American people as us!

Kaine: OH YEAH! Watch us, we’re better at it by like a mega-fold force ten!

Pence: Whatever, we are! And you’re running an insult driven campaign. Let me show you by insulting you even more. Also, why didn’t I bring a TV to watch old football games on? It’s not like I planned on actually paying attention during this debate.

Kaine: You’re a turd sandwich!

Pence: … No sir, you are a turd sandwich!

(See South Park Episode 808 “Douche and Turd” for a more indepth Look At How Our Political Process Currently Works).

Overall, I am left with the same feeling I was after the presidential debates. Meaning that I am left with an overwhelming sense of desperation as all 4 candidates all seem to be complete idiots. Trump being the Queen of Idiots, Hillary the King, Kaine the Princess, and Pence the Prince. If we end up with any of these guys in power we pretty much better curl up and kiss our own collective asses goodbye. Please, please look into the 3rd party candidates. This truly is an anything is better than (insert major party candidates name here) situation.

IT And Why You Need to Care Chapter 4 – IT and the Environment

I expect I’ll be adding a lot more to this chapter over the next month, especially since i’ve been using the much more efficient, ethically built, Raspberry Pi for so much. For now, I wanted to get my thoughts on a specific incident down. Make Music released another version of their Finale Software, in fact they do this pretty much annually, because they’re d-bags. This slightly upgraded version of their software requires Mac users to use OS 10.10. Mac users, being generally the kind of users that don’t want to be bothered with things like thinking about how computers work, and shouldn’t be allowed within 100 meters of a computer in general, are updating to the new OS where possible. Some are even thinking about getting rid of their working computers just to comply with this update, which is insane for several reasons.

  1. Just because you received a document in a new format does not mean you have to run to your local Apple App Store, or physical store, lube up and bend over. You can simply ask for the document to be saved in an older format. This is not a reason to throw out an old system, or even upgrade the OS for most.
  2. The upgrade can break other software. Why screw up everything else just for Finale. These constant updates are the number one thing that Finale users bitch about. It’s time to break the cycle of getting fucked by Make Music in a way you don’t like. Tell them you expect them to listen to your needs for a change this time.
  3. There are excellent free alternatives to both Apple and Finale like MuseScore. Yes, I know that someone that has been using Finale for a very long time has little interest in this, but they should because throwing out systems all of the time over these kind of issues is too wasteful. Then again, Apple systems are built so poorly that they shit out within 5 years in general, and are difficult to repair in most cases. Of course, some get repaired and run a bit longer. Perhaps instead of being giant dicks that sue people for showing others how to repair their systems Apple can just, ya know, release their manuals as their systems age. Of course then they couldn’t overcharge you for certifications, their shitty replacement parts, and manuals. This is something only a good company, like Tesla, would do.

Anyway, this leads to a larger point. We need to be getting more life out of our computers and it’s not even hard to do. Getting at least 8 years out of a computer should be the norm. I run STEAM on Linux, on an old system someone was throwing out. the system previously had Windows on it. It only had software problems, but they got frustrated with how slow it was, and after only 4 years, wanted the “piece of shit” out of their life. I did what I do in 90% of these situations. I thanked them, took it home, erased it and put Ubuntu on it. I tried to explain this option to them, but they literally told me that the Seahawks game was coming on, and they didn’t want to talk about it. Of course, this attitude towards computers means that they had issues with their new one within a few months. (Said very sarcastically) I was shocked. That was 3 years ago. I’ll get at least 8 total years out of this system. Probably more. I can easily double the life of a system, even triple it, with Linux and it’s not even hard to do. In the other 9% of the cases, I have had to replace a thrashed HDD and then do the same thing. Every once in awhile I do get one with a bad motherboard.

My point here is that we are throwing out computers every 3 to 5 years to meet the demands of companies we don’t need anymore to run software we don’t need to use. Namely Apple, Microsoft, Make Music, Adobe, the list goes on. The environment can’t take much more and remain habitable for humans and similar animals, and throwing this stuff out left and right because these companies refuse to give you better options is stupid. More importantly, throwing them out because you just won’t get off of your ass and learn about better Open Source alternatives is not acceptable. There are real consequences to laziness.  Damage to the environment is only one of them. Thanks to these kind of computer users, the average life of a smartphone in the US is 18 months. Usually they aren’t even replaced because they’re broken but because someone didn’t’ want to learn how to put an SD card in. We live in the information age, and have lived in it for some time now. It’s time we started putting our access to knowledge to good use.

For example, instead of signing up with some awful cell phone company that will try to get you to sign a new contract every 2 years and force feed you a new phone along with it, go with one that supports a bring your own equipment plan. You can also go with a pay by minute company.

Trump/Clinton Debate (A Lose Lose for the Nation and the World)

I won’t recap the whole debate, because those of us that watched it are all wishing we could get that time back. Neither candidate said anything of substance. No one talked about our failing oil/war backed currency system other than to imply that we should try different kinds of trickle down economic methods or ship more jobs overseas, which they covered up by almost saying they’d support something totally disastrous like the TPP, but they just won’t call it the TPP. Trumps’s right that Clinton is a loser and Clinton is right that Trump is a loser. So I just want to remind everyone that they aren’t the only 2 candidates you can vote for. Consider this, both of them will probably get us into war in Syria (aka start WWIII). Once this happens most of our resources will go, again, to the war effort. So whatever they’re saying doesn’t really mean anything in light of this realization. Vote for a candidate that won’t start WWIII and will move us off of an oil/war backed currency. Vote for someone other than Clinton or Trump. Preferably someone that is progressive and specifically not a climate change denier. I almost forgot, they did agree on one point with each other that is worth mentioning. They both agreed that they should start World War III. Of course they disagreed on which way to start it, but it was clear that no matter which one you choose you’ll get some WWIII action in the near future.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Does Everything Clinton Tells Her To, Then Resigns

So obviously, this is speculation, but does anyone else find it odd that the DNC attacked Bernie supporters to the point that many will never be part of the Democratic party again and Clinton ended up as the nominee and that Schultz was allowed to stay on just long enough to ensure that? The result of that is that Clinton is our candidate, and Schutlz was allowed to resign instead of being fired. Like she deserved. She’s even still in charge of some token parts of upcoming events. Sounds to me like a person that did what her overlord, Clinton, told her to do. Still, just like with the Benghazi scandal, we’ll never know for sure. Clinton is a seasoned liar and criminal and is smart enough to cover her tracks. So I guess we’ll pretend that the Clinton campaign had no idea what Debbie was up to and was shocked to find out. Just like we’ll pretend that two parties still exists and that politicians, in general, actually care about the people. Just like those politicians that were texting during the Kate’s Law testimony, when her father testified to congress. We’ll pretend that they cared and didn’t already have their minds’ made up before they went in. We’ll pretend that they value their own children and actually listened, regardless of their behavior. Just like we’ll pretend that Debbie and Clinton were not capable of this level of corruption. Personally, I see little difference between the parties at this point. It’s all the ruling class having a party at our expense. We had a chance to change it, but we missed it.

Homemade Car Computer Featuring the Raspberry Pi 2, Jasper and Raspbian Jessie

As always, my instructions are use at your own risk.

This is definitely a version 1 of this. It does everything I want it to do, but I am still reading tons of documentation and will be hitting the forums hard to try and refine it. I’ll be posting scripts too. I hope to consolidate the many small scripts, I have made to work around problems, into a few large scripts when I work out some of the bugs.

Items Needed:

Raspberry Pi with DSI port for Pi Touchscreen or equivalent. (I used a RPi 2).

1 Touchscreen (Follow the wiring instructions from whatever manufacturer’s one you end up with. I love the Official one, btw.)

1 8GB or better SD Card for OS and Software (recommend at least 16GB)

1 USB Microphone or sound card with microphone input. (I used USB. This is obvious, but I’ll say it anyway, get a good one. The first one I got was $6 and change with tax and it was awful. It proved that my stuff worked, but… yes I adjusted it in alsamixer.)

A screen mount that can hold the Pi and the Screen. I used this one:



Install Raspbian Jessie . (2016-05-27 is what I used).

A Note About Jasper and Wheezy:

All of this is tested on Wheezy according to the Jasper site, even the default Jasper Image is built on Wheezy. Their install instructions are for Wheezy and even the GitHub Install Script suggests Jessie but is confirmed to work with Wheezy. Still, Jessie has vast improvements over Wheezy so I’m using Jessie. Also, I had no luck with getting the Jasper PreConfigured image, (built using Wheezy on the official site) to boot, which is a problem many others had. I tried Wheezy with many other install options with less success than Jessie. In short, I tried about 10 different things, including the Google Groups image (which looks promising) but in the end I used the Knight of Pi instructions below after installing Jessie.

Don’t Follow Jasper Manual Install Instructions On The Jasper Site. There are several problems with them, for example, the packages at the end are from the “experimental” Debian repository and it can’t find some of them. The same goes for the source files listed there. Instead use the Knight of Pi instructions here:

Note: If you screw it up, start over. The install is very unforgiving of duplicate files, etc.

Also, I was using a USB mic for input with the built in sound card for output. I had to set the ALSA index to get this to work correctly. Here is a link with instructions.

In the end I still had some weird issues with modules and parts of modules not existing that I’m still working through, like (mic.activeListen()). I hope a default Jessie/Jasper image is out soon. Perhaps I should make one. IDK, I want to hammer some more bugs out first.

So, since (mic.activeListen()) couldn’t be found, and I didn’t find a simple solution on the forums (I’ll keep looking), I simply wrote separate scripts that do the jobs I needed. plays music via vlc, stops vlc, (or just about whatever you want if you edit it) etc. I used VLC because it has an awesome commnad line interface and a good GUI. Remember, I’m using the Pi Touchscreen too. (Scripts will be near the end of this document).

To install VLC

sudo apt-get install vlc

You’ll need to install xte to send keyboard commands to VLC. On Raspbian (and in Debian and Debian Derivatives like my favorite distro Ubuntu) this is done by executing the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install xautomation

You’ll also want to install all updates and an onscreen keyboard before hooking up the screen. (Obviously you can do this afterwards too, but it’s nice to have installed before hand).

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade
  • sudo apt-get install matchbox-keyboard
  • Restart using either sudo reboot or graphically

Here is an article that goes a bit more in-depth on how to do this. I’d go here if you have any problems.

Install the touchscreen (Again, I used the official Touchscreen. Follow the appropriate directions for whatever screen you ended up with).

That’s about it. The Knight of Pi stuff is amazing, thanks guys :). The Open-FST portion takes a few hours over my $120 a month Comcast connection. With the total Bullshit SpeedBurst option (aka Comcast sort of lying and definitely screwing you on your connection speed for the cost). True, there is no way to tell what services everything in between myself and the other servers are on, but it’s definitely time for nationwide Public Fiber.

A few scripts. They use VLC and xautomation. Obviously, other scripts can be made from there. I plan on putting up Rewind, Fast Forward, etc. soon. So far, these play Music, Stop, go to the Next and Previous Tracks, Pause and Resume.

Note: The MPD script in /jasper/client/modules that runs Spotify by default uses the word Music as a command. I moved the MPD script to an unused scripts folder since I don’t use Spotify and don’t plan on it.



Note: I’ve had to run the command pulseaudio -D to get past the Jasper JackAudio error. So before running the jasper script just type in,

pulseaudio -D

Also, I am running this off of a USB charger in the car. You need at least 2.1 Amps available. I really want the Pi Juice to come out, but will probably use another battery in the meantime. I’ll update this when I get that all in and post sweet car photos :).


Apple “An Open Source Company In Name Only”

Well, I’d love to be able to go a month without Apple doing something horrible against humanity or lying about something, but apparently that just isn’t going to happen. You see, Apple tells people all of the time about what a great Open Source Company they are, in fact they say that they’re the first large one, which is an outright lie, but as long as they did a good job most of us would just look at it as marketing. Recently, Apple has done one of the least Open Source things possible. They are planning on suing someone for showing you how to repair your own computer. That’s right, a computer they purchased that they, God Forbid, learned how to repair. They then, in the Open Source Tradition, shared that knowledge with others who also would have had to purchase the computers or repair them for someone that did. Sharing useful information is the core theme of how the Open Source Model works. Still, Apple has always just used Open Source and come as close to stealing form the community as one can. When they were almost out of business they used it to get a new, better OS and appear trendy. Now that they are big, they use it to save money in development, and then overcharge your for their products. Since Linux and Android are so good, and you can almost all be using that now, I kind of don’t care if you’re too married to Apple to switch as long as you don’t do something like demand our local schools buy pallets of their bad, overpriced, products that have that new fascist smell included in the box. Oh wait….. that’s exactly what a lot of schools did…. In fact, there are a few programs that the creatives use that are only on Apple. They can use different ones, but I can understand not wanting to realean complex applications. Still, it’s important to note that Apple isn’t even giving you the right to easily access information on how to repair your own computer. It’s not a Rolls Royce, after all, it’s more like a Dell XPS, that costs more, and has a UNIX based OS that is really locked down. In an age when you can basically rebuild a popular car by watching repair videos on YouTube only a really backward company, run by the type of Capitalists that make Trump look good, would sue someone for releasing repair info. Still, all you have to do is stop buying their stuff, and buy the better, more open stuff, that’s already out there instead. You know what would hypothetically be really funny, and I’m not telling anyone to do this by any means, but what if everyone that had Apple repair manuals accidentally, and anonymously, released them in response to this. I’m just thinking outloud. It would be wrong to do that to a great member of our tech community like Apple after all :). I mean, who would brown shirt manufacturers send their products to. Losing a huge contract like sending brown shirts and badges to Apple would effect their business negatively too.  My God, whoever thought Apple would make everyone else, including Microsoft, look good. Oh yeah, me, I’ve been talking about this for years.

Hillary Victory Fund (The Clinton Version of Citizens United)

I was puzzled to receive a letter from the Hillary Clinton Campaign today since I’ve been supporting Sanders for months now and talking legit trash about Hillary and all of the other Republicans (and wanna be Republicans), often publically, for years now. Still, just like in the Benghazi case Hillary did not have competent IT personnel working on the mailing and they did not compare spreadsheets of Sanders supporters, that hate her and her pathological lying, to the rest of the list.

The letter is really funny to me. I starts by talking about the fact that the Democratic nomination is close as a problem, then moves on to talk about legit issues with the Republicans, who are raising money in much the same way the Clinton campaign is, you know from very wealthy people who want to keep being allowed to screw the average person over. The Clinton guys are just a little less bloodthirsty about the whole thing, but they still do it.

It then urges you not to allow scare tactics to affect you, but then uses a scare tactic itself. Largely urging you to stay away from both Republicans and Sanders (a mutant from another dimension that is crazy enough to want you to have a decent wage and healthcare), but not coming out and saying that because they have no fortitude. It states, “We can’t let scare tactics and divisiveness win out. We can’t let it rip away our progress. That is why I need your support now so we can hold the White House, elect Democrats up-and-down the ballot this November, and protect all the progress we have made from Republicans who want to drag us backward.”

Then she demonstrates a complete lack of historical knowledge, or rather an upper-crusty version of history. “America was built by people who had each other’s backs, who understood we all have to do our part,” I guess she forgot about how people of wealthy European descendants largely stole the land from the Native Americans, infected them with smallpox, and built the nation using slaves, who they then never really gave their rights back to. When poor, largely European descendants, were legitimately working, like on the old New York skyscrapers, 2 out of 3 of them fell to their deaths or were paralyzed because their ultra capitalist bosses wouldn’t give them safety equipment. Upton Sinclair didn’t write “The Jungle” because capitalism was good for industry. The list goes on. Still, it’s common for people of privilege to have this view of American history. The problem is people at the top are often willing to do anything to get ahead and keep their lead. This includes the Clinton family and most families attached to the Ivy League in some way. You know, the people that consider themselves better than you. They consider the average person to be a child that needs their superior guidance to get ahead. None of you are capable of making decisions on your own after all. You need the people that have totally fucked up the country to continue to do that for you. Perhaps they’ll start another war. Wars are always good for the economy, and they get rid of the “surplus population.” Helping combat climate change.

She then asks for slightly less than the Sanders Campaign has been getting on average ($25 instead of $27). This is actually a smart move. The Clinton campaign may be totally out of touch with technology, but they still know how to sell people things. Anything ending in a 9 or 5 tends to sell better than a 0, 7 etc. That’s why that shitty car, with no warranty attached to it, sells for $999 instead of $1,000. With so many large money contributors, why does Clinton need money from little old me. She says she wants to give Clipboards and Pencils to her volunteers, maybe she can ask Clooney for some more cash, after he ruins another one of our childhood superheroes on screen.

She then alludes to Sanders being in the race just to make a point and that he is making promises he can’t keep. Which is 100% NOT TRUE. Sanders has the backing of the younger generation, and is in touch with what they want and need. He polls better against Trump, and is not a criminal. Again, if Clinton gets nominated, the results of the Benghazi investigation will come to light, and she will not be able to run for president anyway. So any promise she makes to you is a lie. Take the whole healthcare thing, she keeps telling you we’re going to get the remaining 10% onto the AHA. Guess what, she can’t. The people choosing not to participate are of choosing to do so because of religious and other reasons. They don’t want to participate in the AHA.

She then recaps some good things she did in the past, as if she singlehandedly did them, of course forgetting to mention that Bernine supported most of the things she did, simply because they were progressive. She hits the women’s rights card hard, forgetting to mention that Sanders is the best candidate for women if you look at his voting record and platform. And of course, she mentions 9/11 and how she was first lady. She forgets to mention the fascist regulation of music and media, that took place during the Clinton presidency, and how African Americans started going to jail a whole lot more because of the Clinton presidency. In fact, so disproportionately more that the policies could only be seen as fascist if not racist. But how could that be, she says she’s progressive? Yeah, she’s totally full of shit.

The letter then states, “This November, Americans will be faced with stark choices.” As if we haven’t been doing that for the last several decades. Since there has been no truly good president in my lifetime, and it’s tough to find one before that too, American quality of life has been diminishing as long as I’ve been alive.

She then claims to want to raise the minimum wage, but to $12 an hour, not $15, because she really believes that $24,000 a year, before taxes, is a livable wage in our out of control economy that’s plagued by constant inflation.

She attacks guns, because that’s popular, but in Clinton America you’ll have zero access. Do you really want zero access? I can understand some regulation, but zero access means no guns. Sanders is reasonable about this, Clinton is a total fascist about it. Only the cops that beat people to death occasionally and the military will have them in Clinton America. If you like to hunt, then get ready to do it with a Tomahawk or Sword if Clinton is president.

She then guarantees to do a lot of things that Sanders will do better. She does not hold the very wealthy accountable for shipping our jobs overseas, and not paying their fair share in taxes, but tells you things will somehow, magically, get better and then says that we can only eat all of this delicious shit if we elect her president.

She then attacks Sanders again, as “a force trying to drive us apart.” Although, most Americans will do a lot better under Sanders. You know, the Americans she doesn’t understand at all, but claims to represent.

The letter is 4 pages long.