1997 Accord Engine Rebuild Notes

I’m going to mostly copy and paste a Doc I was keeping for notes on this one here. This is of course a use at your own risk document. You will need a service manual for the vehicle and an engine rebuild guide as listed below, especially if you’ve never done this before. You should also have more than a few hours of repair work under your belt before attempting this.
Yes I know the F22B2 isn’t the most popular engine to rebuild, and if you’re spending the time rebuilding an engine to put back into a mid through late 90’s Accord you’d probably want at least the F22B1, but I wanted to rebuild the engine that got my ass around for so many years.

— Thanks to Eric the Car Guy, and many others, that helped me get to the point where I could attempt this engine rebuild. Especially Andrew (aka ManDrew) for his help, and many innovative solutions as we ran into stubborn bolts that even PB Blaster, praying to our god, and elbow grease could not best.

  • — At certain points I used the official 1997 Honda Accord Service manual, and the B-Series Engine Rebuild Manual (ISBN-13 #978-1932494785) by Jason Siu. You will need both of these to follow this document. You should probably have a service manual for you car anyway and the B-Series book is fantastic, even if you are not rebuilding a B-Series Engine, or even a Honda Engine. It’s just a really well done book. I got my service manual used from http://www.books4cars.com/

 Note: The perspective for engine removal is looking at the engine from the front. Pictures are being taken too.


— Drained Coolant, Removed Radiator

— 4 Fan connectors on the right side


— 1 Fan Connector on Left Side



— Drained Transmission Fluid

— Transmission Filter should be changed too. Lots of contaminants on the drain plug.

— Reinserted Trans. Plug for cleanliness needs new crush ring, and Torque

— Drained Oil, Drain Plug Needs New Crush Ring, and Torque

— Removed Battery Holder, and Brackets, for some odd reason the bolt in the upper left hand corner has an 11mm head while the rest are 12mm, the thread is the same on all.



— Disconnected Throttle and Cruise Control Cables

— Removed Air Duct up to Intake Manifold




— Disconnect Battery Cable from Fuse Box (lower in this picture)


— Disconnect Left Side Engine Electrical Connectors (Although Harnesses Are Keyed, I Still Wanted To Have Lots of Pictures of this.


— Disconnect Brake Booster and Related Vacuum Lines (3 Connections)

— 4 are listed, but as the picture shows the top connector is not present, and hasn’t been for as long as I’ve had the car. Perhaps a F22B1 thing.


— Disconnected Fuel Lines, Relieved Fuel Pressure (REMEMBER NEW WASHERS FOR FUEL FEED LINE)


— Disconnected Right Side Engine Wiring Connectors



— Disconnected Compressor bolts and disconnected electrical connector.



— Loosened under car heater hose.

— Disconnected Shift Cable

— Interior Shift Cable View (Obviously Remove the Armrest and Shift Cover First) There is a locking pin on the shift cable that I already removed before this picture.


— Under Car Transmission Cover for the other side of the Shift Cable. Follow the cable to a metal cover with 3 12mm botls on it (Not pictured here) This is what is inside.



— This actually started last night, but the passenger’s side spindle nut just won’t let loose. The driver’s side did using a combination of “Pa Buh” (aka PB Blaster), and a 700 lb. ½ drive impact wrench. Hence the name of the picture, Douche Bag Spindle nut. I’ve heard many call parts like this whores when working on cars, but that doesn’t make any sense to me, as whores are usually a good thing to have around. Whores give you what you want with little trouble and are usually happy about it too. This bolt is therefore not a whore, or the car a whore for being this way about this nut. It is currently a jerk, but again, not a whore.

— After soaking this all generously with Pa Buh, and waiting about 30 minutes…

— I tried and broke a ½ breaker bar with 36mm socket and a pipe. (broke the bar)

— Tried a ¾ drive breaker bar with ¾ 36mm socket, and did not break the bar, yet, but it did not come loose.

— Tried heating it with a heat gun for 30 minutes, and trying again. I don’t want to use an open flame on this one.

— Tried the ½ drive, 700 lb. impact wrench, many, many, times.


— Finally got the spindle nut off of the passenger side. I used a Dremmel with a small grinding bit to clean up around the edge of the bolt. This allowed more Pa Buh to get into the groove. I waited another 20 minutes. Put the car back on its wheel, to apply the car’s weight, and had someone push on the brakes. I then used my ¾ drive breaker bar and a 4 foor pipe and stood on it. Finally, it gave.


— Removed Ball Joints, and disconnected driveshafts, remember to disconnect them from the transmission as well before you lift the engine. Forgot driveshaft photos, but the service manual covers this well. Also, remember to tie up brake calipers with wire or zip ties to part of the frame.



— I started at step 1 in the engine removal procedure in the service manual and double checked everything. Here are a few things that I missed the first time.

— Passenger Side Electrical Connectors


— Lower Vacuum Hose by Fuel Line


— MAP Sensor Connector and Hose


— Fuel Return Hose (Technically I didn’t miss this the frist time, I just waited until I had better access to it).

— Transmission Sensor (VSS ?)


— Ground Cable


— Cable Tamer and Location (Battery Cable Bundle)


— Now the engine was ready to be lifted out of the car, but I was waiting for a spanning bar to arrive.


— Lifted the Engine out of the car and separated the transmission from it, then placed the engine on a stand. Mounting it on the stand required removing the ring wheel.


— Now the rebuild can finally begin.


NOTE: I took a lot less photos here since I used the B-Series Rebuild Book’s Engine Disassembly Chapter for Most of my Reference. There are some supplemental photos.


— Removed Exhaust Manifold Cover, Manifold, and Gasket


— Removed Intake Manifold, Manifold Gasket and Wire Harness

— There are a lot of pictures on this one as I needed to disconnect many wire clips and hoses to free the manifold.




— Sadly, Right after I snapped this picture, the wire attached to the temp. sensor ripped. It was old and brittle. Still, it needs to be repaired. Also, the sensor did not come out too well, so I’m going to replace it too.


— I repaired the wire that broke. Not a big deal. Some wire strippers, heat shrink material, and crimp connectors, and it feels good again.

— Getting the intake manifold gasket off was a total pain in the ass. I used many different sprays to try and get it off, and very carefully used a razor and some plastic tools. I am 100% sure that if I used a scraper the much softer aluminum would have been gouged. So I recommend against it. For my next project I’ll probably try out a nylon brush that 3M makes that mounts to a rotary tool or drill. Obviously, the softer nylon material is hard enough to take off the gasket, but probably will not damage the aluminum. I was not impressed with any of the chemicals, but eventually got it done.

— On the side, while waiting for sprays to “work” I did start cleaning and prepping the valve cover to be painted. Yes, I’m going with stereotypical red.

Sensors Front of Engine, Replace Hose Too, It’s Torn

Yeah, I don’t know why I numbered them either.

Gear Assemblies

Man-Drew’s Stuck Crankshaft Bolt Solution, Yes It Broke the Jack, Yes It’s Dangerous.

Start of Putting New Parts In


New Bearings.

Follow Ups:

— P. 6-49 HASM — M8 Bolts.

Applewatch, Another Non-Standalone Joke

This one this short. I just want to say that companies really need to focus on making standalone smartwatches. Those of us that do not want to lug around a smartphone, or pay the ridiculous monthly rates on one, really do want a good phone/watch. Samsung makes a smartwatch called the Gear S that does this. So why did Apple release another phone accessory when the market clearly is open for watches more like the Gear S? I guess they just want Samsung to kick their ass, again. Still, the Crapple watch is selling well. This shows us that just like Harley, not matter how bad, or overpriced of a product they make, many will still buy it out of an odd sense of loyalty to Apple. Wonder if the guys jumping off of the Foxconn buildings feel this sense of loyalty to Apple. I wonder if they are playing with their watches on the way down.

Government Responds to “The Interview” Cyber-Attack?

So corporate America was attacked, specifically Sony, again. In general I seem to recall another attack against Sony regarding credit card numbers not too long ago. Everyone thought they would have tightened their security, but not me. I know that corporations only ever do the bare minimum about anything. Anyway, Sony decided not to release the new Seth Rogen film “The Interview” because it, and theaters were warned by North Korea not to do so, were cyber-attacked, etc. but isn’t it Sony’s responsibility to actually put some of their huge amount of money into real cyber security. Aren’t corporations usually bending our government, and our citizens over as often as possible to drain our resources and money as quickly as possible, essentially to fuck us as much as possible? So why would we take care of a threat that Sony should take care of themselves? They definitely have more resources than North Korea in many ways. Don’t kid yourselves, they do. They are one of the biggest multi-national corporations ever. Oh yeah, because the US Government is the total bitch of large corporations and we really have a corporate run government. Guess I forgot about that part for a second. Oh and Sony was a total bitch for pulling the film. Guess that shows that American corporations don’t have our values like freedom, and value free speech, and are therefore not really American. So why are we committing US military resources to attack North Korea over this again? Sony is like it’s own fascist country itself. Just like Apple, etc., etc.

GM Offers Mobile Wi-Fi, How About They Start By Building A Decent Car Instead?

GM, a name that used to be great, but then became synonymous with building cars that suck as hard as possible, with the only exceptions being some of the items in their line of gas guzzling tanks. So what are they doing about it, are they kicking their R&D into overdrive, like Ford, and actually getting better? Nope, they’re giving you a feature that has already available in a more convenient, slightly different way, from cell phone providers for years now. Mobile Wi-Fi in your car. Let me ask you this. Would you rather get where you’re going, say in a Honda, and carry a Wi-Fi card from Verizon, or be broken down in your GM and be able to use the Wi-Fi until your car battery dies? Example text, “Hey guys, writing to you from my broken down GM AGAIN, using the built in Wi-Fi, perhaps the only decent thing on this car. Should have bought a Honda and just carried a Wi-Fi card I guess. HaHa, joke’s on me for trusting GM I guess. OMG THIS GM SUX!!! #FuckYouGM” When is GM going to realize that if they want to have a real chance of surviving they need to start building a decent small car and sell it for way less than a Honda for  a while, until they rebuild consumer confidence? Plus Tesla has open sourced their information, so every serious car company should be releasing a good electric car soon. Even if gas prices have fallen. You have to ask yourself, how did they fall so suddenly? Was OPEC lying to us all of these years about production cost, etc.? The answer is yes, corporations lie to you all of the time, and everyone else associated with them too.

Apple OSX 10.6 Can’t Copy Home Folders to External Hard Drive for Backup

So maybe, like me, you’ve realized that Apple computers at best aren’t any better than the competition and you just want to backup your files to an external hard drive and get something that’s both cheaper and better (which isn’t hard to do). You create a separate admin account, and log into it so you can copy the folder that you want, but the Crapple keeps telling you that it can’t copy the files (error code 0), and asking you to authenticate, but then never presents you with an authentication window. Crapple support tells you to use Time Machine, but then you realize that you can’t fully restore to anything but another Crapple with Time Machine, so it’s not a real backup. Even Apple Support has told me that “it’s not a real backup.” Which is funny because when you buy your computer, etc. they sell it as the best, easiest to use backup feature EVER! Hardly the first time they’ve been full of shit. Anyway, here’s what to do. The underlying problem here is that FAT doesn’t support file sizes larger than 4GB, so this won’t work if you are in that boat, but smaller stuff can be copied using this method. SOme have had luck using Microsoft’s native file system, NTFS, which is only sort of supported in OSX 10.6, meaning it can read NTFS drives, but many still recommend against read/write NTFS wit this OS version. In the end, the real solution is not to use computers made by companies that have no interest in making it easy to have free, universally accessible backups.

0. Hookup your external FAT hard drive. (Yeah, this is an old Filesystem that could easily be replaced by a better open FS like EXT4, but then Crapple, Sony, Nintendo and Microshaft would have to fully support EXT4). So you’re probably using FAT.

1. Create another admin user to log in as (If you haven’t already)

2. Navigate to the Users folder and open it.

3. Find the folder with the user name you want to backup.

4. Right Click on it and choose Get Info, or Command + i (aka Apple + i)

5. Use the disclosure triangle next to Sharing & Permissions to show Permissions

6. Click the lock and authenticate to unlock it

7. Click the Plus symbol and Add the Administrator Group, and give it read and write permissions. (Security minded folks, probably not most Apple users, may just add the admin you’re using to copy the files with.)

8. Close the lock.

9. Copy your home folder to your external hard drive.

Warnings: Your proprietary Crapple Applications live in the Applications folder. So you won’t have them by backing up your home folder, just your files that live there. Since alot of your documents can’t be read by anything but Crapple Applications on a Crapple computer you probably can’t run them on anything else anyway. So, you may want to take your Pages documents, for example, and save them in another more universal format like RTF or even as a Word Document or PDF. Security minded folks will notice that giving permissions to anyone else creates a potential security problem. You may want to remove the access given above after you copy your files. It depends on your situation.

PS3 You Tube App (Years Later It Still Sucks)

Ok, so this is definitely a first world problem. After years of being available on the PS3 the YouTube app. for it still does not do things like remember searches. Still it is amazing to have access to the content on YouTube on my PS3. So why am I upset about it’s simple to work around short-comings? Well, because you have 3, well technically 2, of the largest corporations to ever exist, meaning largest entities in the world to exist, that don’t seem to give a shit about it working correctly. Sony and YouTube (owned by Google). It should be a matter of pride that their apps work correctly on all platforms, but Sony released the PS4 so they don’t give a shit and YouTube probably just doesn’t consider it a big enough market. With stupid work-arounds like using your laptop or phone to control YouTube on your PS3 they probably consider it fine, but how dumb is it to have to control your one super powerful computer (aka your PS3) with another computer (aka your phone, laptop, etc.) when your PS3 is more than powerful enough to handle YouTube on its own, especailly when the problem is just that Sony and YouTube are too lazy to fix the PS3 app?  Again, it shows us that in our current era big corporations don’t really care about releasing quality products. Just good enough products. The age of giving a shit about quality is long over, and this is just another example of it.

IPhone 6 (“The IPhone Galaxy”), Way Behind the Competition

So the IPhone 6 finally has a large screen, but wait hasn’t almost every other company been doing that for quite some time now? It also still sucks at multi-tasking, and there are many other phones out there that don’t. So…. I guess that’s all there is to say. Apple is again selling you an inferior product and acting like it’s cutting edge. Still, if you know that and you still like it then I guess whatever, knock yourself out and get one. Perhaps you can call it by the name Apple should be using for it. The IPhone Galaxy.


Apple Still Sucks At Everything, But Especially Enterprise Computing

So what has Apple’s contribution to computing really been lately? Sure, during the XP age they gave us a much better OS on slightly better hardware, then a better OS on the same hardware as any other mid-grade or better PC, while Microsoft and the big PC manufactures were having slap fights about who really should have secured XP, by the way it’s your own responsibility to secure your own computer but MS could have done more and should have done more for what they charge for their OS, but now Apple is just behind. Instead of being innovative lately they have just gone to court with everyone freezing the smartwatch market, stopping better tablet and phone companies from steamrolling over them just because they, god forbid, make better products than Apple, and the list goes on. In general, all they do now is disrupt forward progress. Showing again that Capitalism is good in short bursts, but after a while Mega-Corps like Apple just halt progress, removing the only arguably good thing about Capitalism, which is direct competition.

The following is an older story about how bad they suck at enterprise computing too that I meant to post a while ago but never got around to. I have had to buy lots of computers for companies over the years, and never did I have a company so stuck up about taking money from a well established, well financed organization as I did when I tried to buy two servers from Crapple (Apple). They confused our name with another company, did not tell us what was going on for weeks, and could not correct the issue for 2 months because of internal bureaucracy. I won’t disclose the amounts, but this was for two tower server with RAID cards. In the same period of time Dell got us 2 other servers, that were way better from a cost comparison standpoint with dual power supplies, and are still running well by the way (knock on wood), and approved us for several times the amount as Apple the same day we spoke with them. On top of that, after we went from OS 10.6 to 10.7, with a direct healthy upgrade, 10.7 had a lot of problem with the Open Directory transfer. We paid for support from Apple, but I did not speak with any technician that knew more than I did about it, and they abruptly ended the calls many times tell me “best of luck.” Fuck you asshole, I paid for proprietary support and hardware so I wouldn’t have issues in the first place, and now that we have a problem, you’re telling me to Google it and best of luck. I did all of those things before calling them btw, because proprietary phone support is almost always useless, except in the Open Source world, because of actual competition for support. This was back in the early days of their software only OS releases, so re-installing took forever over our network too. They of course did not have a simple method to rapidly re-install an OS, like a DVD, in the box. Also, what the hell with the whole anti- Blu Ray shit with Apple. Apple has been telling us what we want instead of giving us what we want for a long time now. Regardless of their personal beliefs, if I pay that much for a system it better have an optical drive in there capable of reading any current standard and most of the old ones including crazy shit like the bacteria types off of my chest hair pre-insalled. Also, it better be the fucking Honda of optical drives in  there too, meaning cutting edge and dependable, oh and made somewhere with a decent quality of life like Japan or the US. Anyway, their support sucks for enterprise, their OS sucks, their distribution sucks, their pricing sucks, and now their expand-ability  has gone from sucks to unacceptably bad. Hey Apple, why don’t you take those thunderbolt break-out boxes and cram them up your ass? I want to put stuff inside of my server, to god forbid, improve performance and save space. Anyway, I’ll just purchase real servers, for less money, from a better company, that cost less and are still expandable. They will almost all have Linux on them at this point. Seriously, how is Apple still in business? I know, I know, like Harley, they build shit but have a cult following of people that just don’t know any better.

Making A Star Ship (aka USS Enterprise) Out of a Wagon

So I’m making an Enterprise, from the series #StarTrek TOS, out of a wagon for the most serious and dire of reasons. Fun!!! Anyway, here are some photos and the directions so far. I’ll update this as I finish it. My directions are a use at your own risk thing. I am not a professional woodworker.

Steps so far:

1. Find a bucket with a big lid (about 5 gallon bucket should do)

2. Remove the lid and trace a circle on 1/8 inch or smaller project board. I used Douglas Fir board, but just make sure it’s thin so you can cut it with a scroll saw later.

3. Cut 3 1×2’s into 19″ strips and then cut two 45 degree angles on each one.

4. Cut two portions of a two by 4 to the length of the inside of your wagon. This allows for a pressure fit system that lets you reuse the wagon later.

5. Cut a small piece of 2×4 at a 45 degree angle and mount one of the 1×2 strips onto it along with the saucer at the back of the saucer. Place one of the 2×4’s behind it to hold it in place.

6. Mount the other 19″ pieces to the other 2×4 in the back of the wagon. (Your Nacell Pylons)

Bucket For Saucer Template Top of Bucket for Saucer Template Saucer Tracing from Bucket Top Circle Cut with Scroll Saw About One-Third Done

Thoughts On Israel Commiting Genocide

So, I know that half the reason we forcibly helped setup Israel after WWII was to have a strategic launching pad to use for conflicts in the Middle-East. Before I go into this, I’m one of those guys that in general, thinks that religion has done more bad than good in the world. It also doesn’t help that radical Jews are in very high positions in our government and still force our hand in these matters, arming Israel to the teeth over the last few decades and persecuting the Palestinian people. Historically arming any religiously radical nation in a bad idea. They tend to eventually attack those that simply don’t agree with their religious views. The Christians in the US attacked Iraq for a second time (come on now, do you really think the Bush administration would have attacked Iraq if it was full of Christians, Russia recently did almost the same thing in the Ukraine that Saddam did with Kuwait years ago but we kind of just let the whole Ukraine thing go). Now the Jews in Israel with Palestine, Al-Qaeda with us, and the list goes on. Anyway, Israel re-payed the favor for the weapons and billions of dollars we’ve given them, not to mention training and many other things, by refusing to help us in the last Gulf conflict. Which is actually pretty hilarious since we shouldn’t have been in Iraq in the first place, yet we still send Israel 3 billion dollars a year in foreign aid just for their cities. I would think that if they have enough money to wage war, and commit genocide they are probably past the point of needing foreign aid. So now that history is repeating itself with the Israeli’s acting like Nazi’s this time, and Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people, can we at least stop sending them foreign aid and help out cities in countries that don’t receive aid in general? Like I don’t know, a city called Detroit in a country I heard about called America? Anyway, my thoughts on the matter. I’m sure taking any stance against Israel will be spun as anti-semitic, and someone will remind me that they are a democracy and people have religious freedom there, but if that’s true then why are they attacking the Palestinians. Do they just want their land? Do they not view them as people? Is this another example of religious government gone too far? Does what happened, as unacceptable as it was, in the WWII era absolve Israel of all future wrong doing for the rest of time?